Things I love Thursday on Friday – Edmonton Edition. Earths General Store, The River Valley, Yoga, Food.

There are so many things I love, and so many things I could be talking about, but this week, I’m relishing my time in Edmonton. It’s been a little under a year since my last visit, and at some point last month I realized I missed my family & friends, and it was time for a visit.


So there has been food, and fun, and lots of catching up. I’ve really enjoyed it. Everything is novel, and I’m a tourist in my hometown. I’m comparing notes, I’m remembering old haunts, and realizing they are completely gone. I’m discovering new and interesting places, and old and interesting places, and exploring the city through a whole new lens.


One of my favourite places, that’s underwent a bit of an evolution since just before I moved is Earth’s General Store. It’s a store that just embodies a lot of good, and gives me hope. It’s lacto-ovo-vegetarian, they care about methods of production, treatment of workers, vegan items are clearly labelled and there are plenty of them, they’ve got books, and snacks, and produce, and bulk foods, and things you can’t get anywhere else in the city.

They were the first place in Canada that I heard of that picked up daiya. They’ve got The Vegg. If a store like that can exist in Edmonton, why can’t it exist in Toronto? It’s Panacea, but with a longer life span. Maybe someday. Until then, I will look at Earth’s General Store from a far, and I will pine for such a place.

River Valley

My parents and I walked through the Edmonton river valley yesterday, through familiar trail, and along the North Saskatchewan River. Fresh dry air filling my lungs, it was like a fresh breath of home.

And yet, oddly, I felt like something wasn’t quite home, in a way that I didn’t feel on the last visit with JC. And voila, I realized that might be who is missing from this trip! Sentimental! (I guess I miss that guy.)

While here I tried a Hot Yoga Class from Nirvana Hot Yoga in West Edmonton Mall. They were the closest spot near my parents house, and I really enjoyed it. So much so, that I think I might even start going to classes when I get back.

There was a poster at one studio for Passport to Prana – a Indie Coffee passport-like card you can use to take a yoga class at studios all over your city. And it just so happens… that there is one for Toronto & Area. With over 70 locations and a 1 year expiry date, the card might be really really worth it! Or at the very least, it’d be a great way to experience a bunch of studios and pick one I like.

the Vegan & Vegetarian Diners Guide from 2009
This is an old Vegan & Vegetarian Diners Guide from the Vegetarians of Alberta. It’s a little out of date, but it was always cool that it existed.

So far on the vegan food adventure train, I’ve visited Remedy Cafe, Padmanadi, Noorish, Clever Rabbit, Narayanni’s Restaurant, and Chopped Leaf. I’m looking forward to sharing stories and pictures. So far I’ve just been doing it on instagram and facebook.

4 Responses

  1. Earth’s General Store sounds lovely. There are plenty of health food stores around me but they all have meat. There used to a 100% vegan store in Kitchener, that had everything from groceries to Mat & Nat purses. It was awesome, but it only lasted a few years. I never got to try Panacea before it closed, ironically, a week before my intended visit. Enjoy your time in Edmonton!

    • I had a lovely time. It was sad when Panacea closed, but it wasn’t entirely surprising either. They were in such a high rent area, and the prices kept creeping up. Sad though.

      I’m surrounded by “health food” stores and co-ops, but they all have meat, and nothing is labelled one way or another.

      I wish I could have seen Kitchener’s vegan store, but I don’t think I was in Ontario yet. 🙂

  2. If you are still in Toronto you would like to check out Karma Co-op on Palmerston. It is hidden in the back alley so you have to watch for the signs.
    Note that it is run by an Elected Board and manned by both Union and Volunteer workers. It is a little quirky but, sometimes quirkiy is great.
    Check it out for the largest selection of local produce east of the Rocky Mountains.
    No everything is organic so read the signs and labels.
    Healthy eating to you.
    See you at the EGS when you are in town.