Boston – True Bistro Saturday Morning Vegan Brunch

No PAX this morning still meant I woke up super early (6-7am, so actually early, not just early for a Saturday) to a very beautiful sunrise near the harbour. We have a water facing room at the hotel so the first thing I saw this morning was an orange sky and a cute little steam boat.

First thing on our agenda for the day was to have brunch. Some people say the Boston  area isn’t vegan friendly, I think it’s not bad. There are quite a few options for brunch, but we decided on True Bistro (1153 Broadway, Somerville, MA), because it was 100% vegan and because it was easy to get to by Subway from Boston (Take the Redline, exit at Davis Station.)

True Bistro

The interior is modern and casual , currently featuring abstract art from Steve Barylick on the walls. Friendly service, a nice big drink menu, and too many yummy sounding options for brunch. It was surprisingly empty, with one large group of seven in the center. If this place were in Toronto, there would likely be a line out the door. They also have free wifi – just ask for the password.

We started with Bloody Mary’s (and later wished we had tried the Bloody Maria, but the Mary’s were great.)

True Bistro

I went with my usual biscuits and gravy, though this time it was onion biscuits with porchini mushroom gravy, with a side of homefried potatoes and a green salad.

True Bistro

JC got his usual of vegan Benedict. I think the consensus was that I won at breakfast, while mine wasn’t as pretty as his dish, mine was definitely the tastiest. I found the hollandaise sauce in his vegan benedict too sweet, but the biscuits were great in both orders.

True Bistro

We topped off the meal with a cinnamon bun which didn’t look like what I was expecting, but was tasty and covered with icing and stuffed with raisins.

True Bistro

They also had this great french pressed (?) coffee. So bold.

We wandered around Broadway and some of the surrounding residential areas, I noted that most of the houses in that area were unattached (as in, they were generally single family dwellings) and upon reading more about Somerville, MA in a walking tour provided by the municipality there was a reason for it. “For some, the idea of more than one family living under the same roof, albeit in separate units, was considered too Bohemian or at worst, immoral.” (source – pdf)

Next up: JC and I go to Harvard, Samuel Adams Brewery tour, and so much more.

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