Beautiful Weekends in Ontario – Kortright Centre, Green Living Show, Live Organic Food Bar.

While I always like travelling, I love finding places to call home in the city I call home. This weekend was spent being busy discovering all those things that made me fall in love with Toronto and the surrounding area in the first place. This city is always full of some kind of interesting event. […]

Boston – Veggie Galaxy, Vegetarian Diner to the Stars.

Sunday was going to be our big PAX East fun day, since we’d have a full day to explore the exhibitors, the panels, and meet random folks from around the country (and North America.) But first, we had to have breakfast, of course. I wanted to go to Peace O’Pie after the great dinner we […]

Boston – True Bistro Saturday Morning Vegan Brunch

No PAX this morning still meant I woke up super early (6-7am, so actually early, not just early for a Saturday) to a very beautiful sunrise near the harbour. We have a water facing room at the hotel so the first thing I saw this morning was an orange sky and a cute little steam […]