Boston – Grilled Vegan Sandwiches from Flour Bakery and PAX East

We successfully arrived in Boston yesterday.

The trip out of the Toronto’s city centre airport is so much better than flying out from Toronto’s Pearson International. It’s not as crowded, the security process is quick and easy, and there is a lounge space with free wifi and free drinks (like coffee, tea, juice, and soda.)

JC and I weren’t sitting together on the plane (that’s what we get for booking separately!) so I got some quality time with my kobo (incidentally, if you haven’t read Quiet: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain, it’s fascinating.) The one thing I like about porter is the snacks are a few steps above the usual stuff. Vegan options included Terra chips and plain blue diamond almonds. Top that off with a nice golden glass of vegan friendly Steam Whistle (a Toronto brewer,) and I almost forgot I was in a plane.

steam whistle on porter

Our first stop after checking into our hotel was the Flour Bakery and Cafe (12 Farnsworth St., Boston MA). It’s logo is an egg being cracked, so I was kind of curious what they’d have for us to eat. Unfortunately, they’d run out of vegan baked goods for the day (it was one hour before closing), but they did have a grilled tofu sandwich explicitly marked vegan on their chalkboard menu.

Flour Bakery  - Grilled Tofu Sandwich

Organic tofu, with generous helping of housemade olive tapenade and grilled veggies (like eggplant, red pepper, and zucchini.) Delicious.

welcome to pax east 2012

Then it was time to nerd it up at PAX East.

Time to nerd

We spent a lot of time wandering the gaming floors, and just getting accustomed to the building, but eventually we went over to stand in a very long line for the Penny Arcade Rainslick Precipice Game Panel. And with Jerry Holkins (Tycho on PA,) it was hilarious (and of course, now we both want to play the game.)

JC and I don’t have Saturday passes for PAX East so instead we’re going to explore Boston, and use our Charlie Cards (a bus pass) as much as possible. Starting now!