Vegan Mofo Staycation three! What else can you give me Toronto?

I missed writing in here. I missed you blog. And I missed YOU, whoever you are. Last week was a busy week, as indicated by my absence. My food choices were atrocious and I don’t even want to talk about it (though I can tell you I relied heavily on peanut butter, cho dang tofu, and several day old okra to tide me over.)

My weekend was much better. I paid Burrito Boys (218 Adelaide St W, Toronto) a visit after I decided it was necessary to find a better burrito than the crap I had at Chipotle. You can say what you want about Chipotle, you can sing it’s praises, I don’t care. I don’t like it.

I ordered a vegan burrito, and it was good. They construct the burrito in such a way that you get the full compliment of flavours each time you take a bite, rather than the usual “oh here’s rice, oh here’s lettuce, oh here’s salsa” feeling I get from some other places. It was quite filling, though I probably could have eaten two for lunch. I think grilling the burrito is a nice touch, crispy on the outside warm and yummy on the inside.


They have veggie ground round, and vegan guacamole, and hot sauce that’s actually hot. I wish they also had some daiya, because that would have made this place all around perfect. I hear there is another good place in Kensington Market with Sweet Potato Burritos. Oh boy do I want to have some of that!


I also stopped in to One Love for a bowl of Sweet Corn Soup. I love that place, and it’s so easy to get to, just across the street from Bathurst Station. Love it. It was such a dismal morning, the solution is always soup.

Fresh Pancake Platter

On Sunday morning I went to Fresh for Brunch, and while the tofu scramble was crap, those freaking pancakes were yummy. Banana nut is a great idea. Maybe I don’t hate Fresh after all? I think one dish will make or break it… The BBQ Burger. I’ve heard a lot of good things, and on top of everything, it has a quinoa onion ring on it. Not on the side, but actually ON the burger.


And I found some Vitasoy Chocolate Peppermint soymilk, so I bought about 6 cartons (couldn’t afford not to). I wish the stuff was fortified with some more nutrients, but since it only has 2% of my daily requirement of calcium per serving, I suppose I just have to drink more of it.

5 Responses

  1. I hear there is another good place in Kensington Market with Sweet Potato Burritos.

    Big Fat Burrito! There's one in the front of Lee's Palace on Bloor as well 🙂 Man, you and me certainly share some favourite places. Have you tried the roti @ One Love? Mmmmm.

    (And yes, the BBQ Fresh Burger is pretty ace.)

  2. Nicole: I need to try the roti at One Love. But everytime I go in there, I can't pass up the soup. Maybe next time I'll get both 🙂

    Kato: I promise you there are tofu scrambles that aren't gross! I swear!

  3. Hey Michelle, awesome blog, it's nice to see a good local vegan blog. 🙂

    Just wanted to let you know that fleishman's margarine isn't vegan, it contains D3 derived from lanolin.

  4. Thanks Sarah. Yup, I've heard about the animal derived vitD.

    Fresh's attention to detail isn't the best when it comes to that sort of thing (at least the servers). They brought my friend a couple of (the even more obviously non-vegan) containers of butter.