Vegan in Waterloo – Thrive Juice Bar: two words: Kale Mojito

During our beautiful regenerating weekend visiting Kitchener-Waterloo we stopped in to Thrive Juice Bar. (It also just happened to be on the same day Brendan Brazier was visiting.)


Thrive Juice Bar is in uptown Waterloo, features a hyper modern decor, and is unabashedly and enthusiastically involved with Vega. The nice thing about this spot, other than its relaxed tables, quickly prepared drinks, and plant-based drink and food options, is that it’s also surrounded by other nice little shops that you might want to visit too.

Thrive Juice Bar - Coconut Cashew Medjool Date

JC ordered the Coconut Cashew Medjool Date, which came highly recommended. It was thick and sweet blend of coconut gelato, medjool dates, raw cashews, cashew butter, lemongrass, raw agave, rice milk & coconut water. I stole a few sips, but especially liked the drink I ordered… The Kale Mojito.

Waterloo-Kitchener trip - Thrive Juice Bar - Kale Mojito

But of course I ordered the Kale Mojito (they actually spell it Mohito… but… I can’t.) How could I not? Not only is the mojito one of my favourite drinks in general, and pair that with the general obsession with kale and I just can’t stifle my curiosity. It had fresh kale, lime zest & juice, fresh mint leaves, lime gelato, organic cane sugar & coconut water.

I’ll admit it, I wasn’t sure if this was going to be tasty. I’ve not quite jumped into the green juice zone, but this was delicious, and on the plus side – didn’t actually taste that much like kale. The flavour was mostly the fresh flavour of lime and mint, with just a hint of kale, so it won me over all around.

Next time I’m in Waterloo, I’ll probably visit Thrive again and try something from their food menu. The options look quite good (and most items on their menu can be made raw.)

Thrive Juice Bar

Address: 105-191 King Street S, Waterloo, ON (map)
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  1. Those are our two favourite drinks there so I’d say you chose wisely! If you were only going to try two items from Thrive, these would be the ones! Their food is very good too, though expensive.