Vegan Food Swap from Jill at Vegan Cuts

Earlier last month I received my vegan food swap for November from Jill over at Vegan Cuts

Vegan Food Swap

It was FULL of great stuff and samples from other products. The thing I like about when I see people getting swaps from Jill is that I think it would probably be really easy for her to just throw in a bunch of samples and call it a day, but she does a full regular swap AND still throws in a bunch of samples. Boom. Delicious.

So what was in the box for me? Just to name a few:

Irish Moss from Upaya Naturals.
I’ve been curious about trying this stuff for a while so it was really neat to actually have it in my possession.  Irish Moss can be used for a variety of different purposes, but especially as a thickening/gelling agent.

Viana Jumbo Veggie Snack Sausage
Viana is an organic product company that we met at the Vegetarian Food Festival this year. We had already tried these snack sausages before, and bought a few dips/spreads. Would eat again!

Bixby Bar – Whippersnapper Bar

Vegan Food Swap - Bixby Bar So yummy. Organic dark chocolate, wild Maine blueberries, walnuts, tellicherry pepper. Delicious. I also reached out to them to find out if they would fit on the Food Empowerment Projects Chocolate list. They seem to be holding themselves to a high standard where ethics comes into play, but I’ll be interested to find out more from them!

Organic Fiber Bar™ Fiber Bars

Vegan Food Swap - Organic Fiber Bar

This was actually really good! I don’t really need to add fiber to my diet, but if I did, I would find this a pretty pleasant way to do it.

Crazy Rumors – Perk Vegan Lip Balm

Vegan Food Swap - Perk Lip balm

This stuff is so me. Love it.

Vegan 1 – Banana Shake

Vegan1 Banana


I haven’t tried this yet! But it looks great.

And there were lots of sample products from Earth Science, Aubrey Organics, Ultima, Saquito, Juvo, and more.

Thanks Jill!

Now, if you want to join in on December’s Canadian Vegan Food Swap you can find more about it by clicking the image below. Matches go out on December 8th.

click to find out more about the vegan food swap

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