April Vegan Food Swap – Happy 1st Swapaversary from Jackie at the Short Stack Foodie

It’s been 1 year since the little food swap that could started up. I’ve been introduced to so many awesome and lovely people, bloggers, vegans, and foodies all over Canada. I know that people have started up blogs because of the swap, they’ve made friends, and real life connections because of the swap, and I love it. It runs on participation, and keeps going because of lovely vegans and veg-curious folks taking time every month to find vegan treats for someone that might be a complete stranger. I love the connections that keep happening, and I hope they just keep growing.

One thing that I’d like to really push for for this year in Vegan Food Swap is more participation from areas that might not be major centers. We’ve got people from a few small towns, but I know there are vegans in almost every community, and I’d love to see them participate too. The thing I learned when living in Saskatoon (admittedly, not a truly small community, but still – at the time it was less vegan friendly than it is now) is that you can find completely plant-based awesomeness everywhere. it might not have “vegan” stamped on it, but there it is – at farmers markets, and corner stores, and in your own kitchen.

If you live in a small town, or feel isolated as a vegan in your community, please reach out, and/or join in. Honestly, it can be tough being “the only one” and I can still remember what that felt like (so you know, email me if you want to.)

If you’d like to sign up for the vegan swap, please visit the sign up page!

Now, for my swap this month, I was paired with Jackie from The Short Stack Foodie. I dig her blog because she writes about food and life with a sense of humour and delight, rarely do I read one of her posts without at the very least breaking into a grin (though there is often chuckling involved). Which is funny, because it reflects exactly how I felt when I received her swap this month.

April 2013 Vegan Food Swap

It was a big box, left at my door by my friendly neighbourhood Canada Post lady, and as soon as I opened the box, I knew it was going to be something fun. First thing, was a super super sweet note from Jackie that left me beaming.

April 2013 Vegan Food Swap

Then… I looked beyond the green tissue paper, and very single item was individually wrapped in honor of our little birthday. Very cute, and in case your wondering all the paper and foil involved is getting reused or recycled. But there is nothing quite like getting a box… filled with tiny presents. Biggest smile on my face through out this process.

All of the things she sent came with little notes.

April 2013 Vegan Food Swap

And I even got box pranked.

April 2013 Vegan Food Swap

So, what was in the box?

A whole bunch of awesome.

April Vegan Food Swap

CocoVie Coconut Vinegar
Eden Organic Black & Tan Gomasio
Namu Organics Job’s Tears (aka Coix Seeds, aka Chinese pearl barley)
Epic Blend Vegan Lip Balm – Pineapple-Mint
Arvinda’s Curry Leaves
Some adorable buttons, and a great little card.

I don’t know what I’ll do with the Job’s Tears, but I do know that pregnant women shouldn’t eat it (it says so in bright red on the package). There is a super interesting sounding recipe over at Fat Free Vegan for Swiss Chard with White beans & Job’s Tears but I might just throw it in a random soup like I do with pot barley.

Extra super thanks to Jackie for brightening my day, and sending me an awesome swap this month!

Did you participate in April?

4 Responses

  1. I totally forgot about the food swap! I changed my email and didn’t re-sign up, gonna have to get on that 🙂
    I hope people from small towns sign up, it would make my day to be able to some day send a package to someone from small town Newfoundland. I know they’re out there somewhere!

    • No Worries! Glad to have you back!

      spread the word! If you have any leads on veg groups in the country, I’d be happy to connect with them!