I don’t even know where to begin about today. We woke up bright an early and got on this dilapidated bus, to go out into the middle of the Nevada desert to watch other people and/or shoot various types of guns myself. A bit of a change of scene for me, but either way, it was actually a lot of fun.

Later we went to the MGM Grand to pick up our Cirque du Solei tickets and grabbed a bite to eat at a shishi place called Shibuya. It was okay, vegan options are limited. I had wanted to go to Mandalay Bay (to the Border Grille), but no one felt like walking over there, and I didn’t want to leave the group so close to our show starting, maybe tomorrow.

The Cirque Du Solei show was something that I’ve been wanting to do for years, KA was well worth it. The music, the story, the costumes, the amazing performers… they all brought tears to my eyes several times. It was just mind blowing. The fearlessness and dexterity required to be capable of doing some of their acts, I loved every second of it.

After all that excitement, we went back to our hotel for the EFF Summit Fundraiser, where we saw Dualcore and (what I was really really looking forward to,) The Minibosses (they play covers of classic video game music). What a great day! My legs are so tired, Good night!