Things I Love Thursday – (kinda) Non-Wedding Edition.

Every week (most of the time) I like to post a Things I Love Thursday(TILT) list. Some weeks it goes by the wayside, sometimes I look forward to a navel gazing post about things I like, the week it has been, and other random things I’ve encountered. This is one of the “looking forward to it” weeks.

One of my first TILT’s on this blog was actually during VeganMoFo in 2011. It’s nice to be able to look back on memories and moments that brightened my life, and a nice way to check in on how things are going in general.

Our wedding is now just a little over a month away. We’ve been meeting with dressmakers, tailors, caterers and event space folks, sending out invitations, booking cakes, and attempting to connect with photographers and florists and the other usual weddingy things people do. It’s a flurry of excitement and nervousness.

And a healthy dose of tediousness – I could pretend the wedding planning process is 100% fun, but it’s not.There are a lot of hard choices to make, or easy choices, sometimes you have to be stubborn, and hold your ground, sometimes you have to find a compromise.

I’ve spent a lot of time crying over this process, but I’m happy to say that most of those tears were spilled feeling absolute joy. I’m crying over traditions, new, old, and created and since it’s a little over a month away, things are feeling very real, and very soon.

We received our wedding invitations and RSVP cards from the printer yesterday, and they were perfect. By the way, word of advice, if your wedding is a month away – you probably should have sent your invitations out already, Oh well! Better now than next month right?

So what do I love this week?


Vegetarian Food Festival.

Vegetarian food fest

This event is one of the things that helped me to fall in love with Toronto. And it’s back again this weekend. I use the Vegetarian Food Festival as an easy way to keep track of how long I’ve lived in Toronto. And this is going to be my fourth year attending the festival, and third year living in Toronto.

Kind of incredible what an amazing three years this has been.

I can’t wait to try the KarmaKaMEALeon food truck fair, the awesome stuff it looks like Apiecalypse now has in store, Bloomers Bakery, and really, the list is endless.


Lump of DoughThese are lumps with so much potential. I love putting my hands in dough, manipulating it, and making something out of it. Preferably something edible by real humans. There is something viscerally satisfying about making that happen. Thinking about gluten matrices while I kneed it on a table designated (by me) for making bread Braiding it, pulling it apart, watching the dough rise, getting a loaf to brown just so. It could be absolutely anything, and then it’s something.

The Postal System.

Canada Post get’s a bad rap sometimes. People are critical of prices, of timing, of service, of whatever. Sometimes it’s totally justified. Other times… I think we forget that we live in a giant and relatively sparsely populated country.

I also really love stamps (yes, I’m under 60 and have a stamp collection), and I have a table COVERED in them right now. Heaven.

Of course, they’re also going to  be tacked on to the beautiful wedding invitations we received from Botanical Paperworks yesterday. Wild flowers for everyone!

Putting the ceremony together

We’re working with a lovely secular humanist officiant, with a Jewish background, so she’s helping us weave some non-religious traditional Jewish elements into the ceremony, and it’s getting really exciting.

This Logo


This is symbolic of the delightful ridiculousness of the internet. Someone on twitter requested a site that would make anyone’s name look like the new Yahoo! Logo… Well – Bertrand Fan, an engineer at Flickr and a co-founder of Recollect decided to just make it happen.

Ylvis – The Fox

I’ve listened to this song at least 20 times today. I’m owning it.

Now tell me… what do you love today?

3 Responses

  1. I love the Toronto Food Festival too, and can’t wait for another yummy year… I hope to see you there! I am also loving the tomatoes in my garden this year, knowing we are at the end of the line, just a few more left to savour….

  2. Wedding planning can be stressful, but very fun! I’m not married yet (I hope I will be, haha, I don’t know if I’m ready yet), but some people send out their invitations within a year or 6 months in advance. I don’t think October is a busy month, people will still be around to receive your invitations, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

    Is there such thing as KarmaKaMEALeon food truck fair (the long name is funny)?! I would love to go to the Vegetarian Festival someday, looks like a fun event! Me too, I love stamps…I would cut out the stamps from the posted air mails that were sent from different countries.