Gluten Free Garage

At the Gluten Free Garage, attendees get to: Discover local merchants, bakeries and restaurants that cater to their gluten-free needs Sample and purchase gluten-free food and related lifestyle products from a variety of vendors Enjoy delicious gluten-free food prepared onsite by local chefs Get information about celiac disease, gluten intolerance and the gluten-free diet – […]

Gluten Free Dinners, Starring Mushrooms – Urban Acorn

Event on Facebook: LIGHTS, CAMERA, MUSHROOMS! Mushrooms are the main attraction in this month’s one man food production. More versatile than any other co-star, these little buttons of love will steal the show and transform these vegan & gluten-free* dishes into works of art. SEE MUSHROOMS STAR AS A QUADRUPLE THREAT… ON THE MENU: […]

Tori’s Bakeshop – Vegan & Glutenfree Friendly Bakery

So like I mentioned yesterday I was really excited about Tori’s Bakeshop (2188 Queen St. East, Toronto) opening. A gluten-free friendly vegan bakery that opened yesterday in The Beaches. The gluten-free aspect isn’t really relevant to me, but the vegan part is. And sure, it’s premature to really review this place, since the first day isn’t indicative of […]

Once upon a Valentine’s Day – with help from Bunners and Cafe Belong.

So, I’m just going to brag. I had a really fantastic Valentine’s Day this year, and JC made it happen. I’ve always been a fan of the pink and red holiday. Even while most of my social group was decrying the horrors of commercialism, and the absurd expectations that are put on people on Valentine’s […]