Rose City Kitchen – Downtown Toronto Vegan Options

So when we went to the grand opening of Smash Juice Bar a few weeks ago, I hadn’t realized there were three businesses opening up. And I didn’t realize any of the others would have vegan options. I asked the folks at Rose City Kitchen on Twitter the usual question, which they answered quickly and helpfully.

JC and I had agreed we’d go back there together for lunch sometime, but the timing kept not working out – so he went earlier this week and got a falafel in a pita (and seemed to like it) so when I found myself in the neighbourhood today at the perfect (lunch) time of day, it looked like it was my turn for tasty falafel box.

There is now actual seating (vs high top tables with no chairs) at Rose City Kitchen/Smash Juice Bar/Clockwork Coffee at 36 Toronto Street, so you can sit and relax (with long tables, bench seating, and chairs.)

Rose City Kitchen Vegan Falafel small

I ordered the RCK Original Falafel – which is humus, tabouleh, fresh cut fries(!!!), carrots, lettuce, garlic oil, and cherry harissa dressing. You can get it as a sandwich or a box meal (served on either rice or kale.) I went with the box meal on rice – grabbed some extra hot sauce and harissa from the counter and also a bottle of cherry chia kombucha from Smash Juice Bar.

Rose City Kitchen Falafel Box small

Service was fast and friendly, they answered my in person vegan question and my fresh colourful meal was assembled in no time, and after having several delicious bites, I was back on the move. The cherry harissa dressing was delicious, and everything combined together perfectly. Also, I’m pretty excited about a box that includes fresh cut fries. Can’t go wrong with that.

You can also order this stuff to stay – they do have bowls – so you don’t need to throw out yet another take-away container (unfortunately I had to run.)

The box even survived the trip on the Streetcar with me, though if you can eat it fresh on site, do it for the full experience. As you might expect, the falafel pre 30 minute streetcar trip, and post 30 min streetcar were not the same but they were still good, which bodes well for their delivery and catering option.

Check out their menu. They also have another location (their first one) at 406 Queen Street West. (with rumors of a third one coming soon.)

Rose City Kitchen

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