Montréal 2016 – Sushi Momo

We were in Montreal a few months ago before Simon was born, and visited the old location of Sushi Momo, since our visit they’ve moved to a much bigger location on Rue Saint-Denis, and so this post is just an excuse to share delicious food porn and talk about what we ate.

Sushi MoMo on St. Laurent

Their original location was a cozy hole-in-the wall spot just off of St. Laurent. There was room for 15-20 people at most, and it was not the space for a large pregnant woman (me), but we went in there anyway, and I squished myself behind a small table with a comfy cushion and looked at their fabulous menu. For once I was happy I was so hungry, because everything looked awesome.

Sushi Momo wall

The first night we tried to walk in was disappointing, because they were very busy (and we knew they were popular), and we couldn’t even wait around in hopes of a table, so we came back the next night after calling for a table (like we should have done the first time around.) (make reservations for maximum happiness)

Sushi Momo - Miso

We started with bowls of flavourful miso soup and edamame.

Sushi Momo - Poutine

Next came the “poutine,” which was phenomenal. It had fried sweet potato hosomaki, cheddar cheese gratin, and a shiitake teriyaki sauce. I can’t recommend this dish enough – and I can’t recommend you get your own. Sharing with JC was nice and all, but oh I have some regrets about not getting my own bowl of this one.

We ordered a variety of different futomaki, tempura, and nigari, and all of it was beautifully arranged on one board. But after it arrived, we knew we had made a terrible mistake. More. We should have ordered more. Then again, I was eating for 1.5 so my hunger level might be a bit more than an average human at that point. You’ll know what to do (they do take out too.)

Sushi Momo

What’s on here?

  • There was Okui Age (“shrimp”, sweet potato, green onion , 4 sauces)
  • Okra tempura. OKRA TEMPURA. (I really like okra. also it’s not actually in this picture.)
  • Futomaki
    • Vege tempura
    • kamikaze inari (inari tofu, tempura, avocado, apple, cucumber, shallot, and spicy sauce)
    • Quebec roll (tofu sheet, shrimp tempura, shallot tempura, cucumber, with a sweet sauce)

Sushi Momo Platter

And of course presentation was beautiful with flowers and everything. I’m looking forward to checking out their newer, larger location later this month.

Sushi Momo
4669 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC (map)

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