Millions of Peaches, Millions for Me, Millions of Peaches, I picked them for free.

This weekend started out in an awesome fashion. JC and I went with a crew of folks from the West End Food Coop, and drove to Two Century Farm, and picked beautiful peaches for use in the Community Supported Orchard (CSO) program (that I am part of). You can join in on the next season Community Supported Orchard Program for Fall 2013.

Peaches - Two Century Farms

I will admit to eating two or three peaches on site, and let me tell you… fresh juicy straight from the tree peaches is unreal. There is peach flavour… and then there is juicy peach from a tree flavour. You can get pretty close buying them from the farmers markets around the city, but nothing is like that freshly picked peach.

There is also that nostalgic feeling that too me back to the family raspberry picking trips to Roy’s Raspberries a little outside of Edmonton. We’d go and pick for an hour or two and my mom and I would make raspberry jam (and more!). So it’s nice to know that we’ll be doing a very similar thing with these peaches, except it will be done with the WEFC family/community kitchen instead.

Peaches - Two Century Farms

We also took a small bag of peaches home with us, but as-of-yet, I haven’t decided what to do with them. Probably just eat delicious peaches in their mostly natural form. But one thing we will do… is grill them. Or possibly turn them into this Grilled Peach & Basil Tofu recipe from Laurie Sadowski (The Allergy-Free Cook)

Peaches - Two Century Farms

The one thing the trip did get me thinking about was growing a peach tree in our new backyard (though Two Century Farm takes advantage of a microclimate.) The tiny tree pictured above still had fruit (and it was probably only 3-5 years old). I might try planing a pit from one of the peaches we picked today and we’ll see what happens. There is still hope for us yet.

Recipe – A Peach

1 ripe peach

Take peach and wash it under cool water. Take a bite of the peach. Repeat until all that remains is the peach pit.

Helpful hints
Try not to get covered by peach juice, or eat in a bath tub or outside. Do not eat peach pit.

Any other peach recipe suggestions?

5 Responses

  1. Peaches are probably my favorite fruit, and I miss the fabulous ones we used to get at a fruit market in Wisconsin. They weren’t local, of course, and sadly not organic, but they were heavenly. Your recipe is perfect.

  2. What a fun summer day! I love that you inserted the vine video.

    Little City Farm makes Peach Lime jam and it’s out of this world. It’s so good that I bought their last three jars at their holiday sale to give away at Christmas but decided I couldn’t part with any and kept them all for myself. 😉 The recipe is from The Complete Book of Small Batch Preserving.

    Last week with local peaches, I made A Dash of Compassion’s Summertime Bruschetta which was delicious grilled with nut cheese on a fresh baguette! Recipe:

  3. Ah, Vine video?! I have an account with it, but I never knew you can post Vine videos on a blog, which is pretty cool. Peaches look so good and haha, on that recipe! YUM!

  4. Oh my gosh, look at those baskets. Heavenly. That must’ve been amazing. We had baby wading pool full of mangos fresh from the farm when we were in the tropics. I miss that!!

    Inspiring. Must go fruit picking!