JC’s Birthday Breakfast fest.

This was the second birthday I’ve celebrated with JC, and I wanted to make it delicious and awesome. And I’m pretty sure I succeeded. Here is an overview of the preparations for our lovely day together.

The day before I started by marinating tofu circles with a solution of black salt, vegetable broth, pepper, salt, and lemon. There is a great recipe for tofu marinade in Vegan Brunch that I used as a guide.

home made english muffin

I started out by waking up just a little too early on a Saturday to bake whole wheat English muffins (recipe from All Recipes). We still had the bag of the Monkton Organic Farm and Bakery flour we picked up from Trinity-Bellwoods Farmers Market a month ago. My mom commented on how light they looked, but they were perfect. After I covered them with a bit of coarse (maybe too coarse) cornmeal and stuck them in the oven it was time to start the hollandaise sauce.

Ever since JC appeared to be a connaisseur of hollandaise sauce (judging by his endless vegan benedict orders whenever we go to a new place for brunch,) I’ve made it a small mental goal to make hollandaise sauce that reaches the same level as what he remembers. I came pretty close this time, flavourwise it was exactly what I was going for, but texturally, while it was smooth and creamy, it was just a smidge too full of that non-egg texture.

I’m going to pick up some of The Vegg packs at Earth’s General Store when we are in Edmonton next week and try using it to get a more egglike consistency. I suspect it would have a lot to do with the sodium alginate, more kitchen experiments will be needed (or just less flour, more sodium alginate.) My Vegan Hollandaise recipe.

Next I started frying the marinated tofu slices. This I was very happy with. The black salt and the extra firm fresh tofu rounds were very very great. Just two minutes on each side was perfect.

While they were frying I put together Vegan Ceasars in mason jars, and topped them off with fresh celery stalks. Yum!

Vegan Ceaser

I sliced up some tomatoes, put them on a sliced english muffin, topped with the tofuegg, then poured on the hollandaise sauce and served breakfast in bed in style.

Other stuff that was on the menu for the day:

Midnight Poutine at Poutini’s the night before
Picnic at the Toronto Islands
JC Birthday Fun


Slow Cooked Eggplant No-Parmigiana
JC Birthday Fun

And a chocolate vanilla ice cream cake:

JC Birthday Fun - why yes, this is a vegan chocolate ice cream cake.

4 Responses

    • It is definitely a little outrageous… I think it’s going to be in our freezer for months!

  1. Wow, so much amazing food! The benedict looks perfect, I’m super impressed with you getting up early to make the muffins, and I’d love a slice of that cake! Also, that Poutine has shot Toronto to the top of my must visit list!

    • Poutini’s was one of the first (of many) cool vegan food things I saw happening in Toronto, so I totally get that. Do visit, it’s a great city. 🙂