Edmonton – Ethiopian Vegan Buffet at Abyssinia Restaurant

Shortly after arriving in Edmonton for a brief visit, hanging out at home and with my parents’ cat Misha, my mom and I decided to head over to Abyssinia Restaurant, a Ethiopian restaurant in East Central Edmonton, just a bit north of the downtown core.

Abyssinia is an Ethiopian family restaurant in Edmonton that serves a variety of meat and vegan dishes everyday, and offers a totally vegan buffet twice a week on Wednesday & Friday evenings between 5-9pm.

Abyssinia Restaurant - Edmonton

I couldn’t help but think if this place was in Toronto it would have been PACKED full, especially on vegan night. But instead there were a couple tables occupied, but otherwise, it was not so busy. Service was helpful and friendly, and they told us all about the food they had to offer.

Abyssinia Buffet - Edmonton

So many incredible dishes, like kei misir wot (spicy lentils), alicha misir (turmeric lentils), gomen (chopped spicy greens), tikel gomen (cabbage & carrots), fosolia (green beans, carrots, and potato), kik wot, okra, sweet potato dishes, fresh green salads, and all the injera (made with corn, buckwheat, and teff flour) you could ever eat.

Injera - Abyssinia Restaurant Edmonton

I piled my plate full of everything, sampling a bit of this and that of whatever drew my eye. There is something especially so fantastic about Ethiopian food – the spices, the flavours. It’s warming and comforting, and while dishes are similar between restaurants and rooted in tradition, every chef has their own unique style. They make it their own, and I was really delighted by what Abyssinia was making.
Abyssinia Restaurant Edmonton - Vegan Buffet

It was good. My mom liked it. I liked it. And we just had an all around positive time at Abyssinia. If you’re in Edmonton, or visiting the city, I’d highly recommend paying them a visit. I want to go back with JC sometime.

p.s. in case you’re wondering – if you call a day or two ahead they can make the injera gluten-free for you.

Abyssinia Restaurant
​10810 95 St. Edmonton, AB
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