Double Greeting Wonton House – Edmonton – Roadtrip 2014

When I went vegan a few decades ago Double Greeting Wonton House was one of the vegan-friendly Asian restaurants that was open super late and open almost everyday. My dad and I would go after he finished work, my friends and I would walk over at 11 pm, and get something to eat, and I suppose it still has a certain legacy within my social circle.

I don’t know how truly vegan friendly it is, so your comfort level may vary, but of the dishes I keep ordering, I’ve been assured they are. We’ve kept going back for over 10 years out of a blend of nostalgia, and enjoyment. In that time, it hasn’t changed much if at all.

The neighbourhood surrounding it hasn’t changed much either, though on our most recent visit I noticed there was a lot more construction than I remember in the past, so I imagine that can be a blend of good and bad.The Least Photogenic Food, and My Favourite at Double Greeting

My go-to dish has changed over time, but the last few years I’ve wanted the sweet corn on rice, and my friends tend to order the shanghai noodles and the mushrooms mushrooms mushrooms on rice. Of course, the important thing to specify that you want the vegetarian version of whatever it is your ordering, especially if you’re just writing numbers down like we usually do) You’ll notice that there are two shanghai noodles, but both have the same numbers – and default will result in a meaty noodle dish.

Mushrooms Mushrooms Mushrooms Double Greeting Wonton House


That said, sometimes specifying vegetarian isn’t enough, and you’ll end up with accidental meat in your food like we did in this shanghai noodle dish. I think I’ll stick with the corn tofu dish next time. If there is a next time. And cover it with hot sauce. And then mash the tofu into the rice, and wish I had everything in a bowl.

The draw to visit DG has disappeared for the most part, but I’ll always remember the late night meals, and the rush to catch the last #1 bus from downtown back to West Edmonton Mall.

Double Greeting Wonton House
10212 96 St NW, Edmonton, AB

4 Responses

  1. I love finding those kind of places! It is a rare treat and unfortunately my go-to place has moved across town. I am on the mission to find a new one.

  2. Mmmm… tell me more about the corn dish. Is it like a Chinese seasoned creamed corn sauce? That is, soy sauce, sesame, white pepper?