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Las Vegas Recap

So the last few days in Vegas have been action packed. The conference is over and it went well. I’m excited to go again next year (maybe… probably.) The last two days have felt like a week. Most of my days were spent at speeches, and evenings were spent going...

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Vegan in Vegas

In a couple of days, I’m heading off to Las Vegas for a nerd conference. I’ve been there once before (for different reasons), and it was an experience to remember. As with most trips, I’m starting a list of things to check out, and hopefully, by being there for a...

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Portland Vegan 100 – 2009

100 Great Vegan Foodz in Portland, OR! This list was inspired by Melissa Bastian’s Vegan NYC 100 Listing for VeganMoFo, which was inspired by Hannah of Bittersweet Vegan’s Hundred. I (MeShell) took this list from Jess from Lets Get Sconed. Here’s how it works: 1) Copy this list into your own...

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