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A Daytrip to Niagara Falls

Last Sunday I went with four international couchsurfers for my first real visit to Niagara Falls. The only other time I saw them was on a night run to NYC in passing. I was happy to go with other newcommers because I got the impression from talking with other Torontonians...

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Toronto: Fressen

I finally did what I came to Toronto for a couple of days ago and that evening a friend and I went to Fressen (478 Queen Street West,) a fine dining kind of vegan restaurant. It was rated one of the hippest vegetarian eateries in North America by VegNews and...

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Prairie Vegan in San Francisco

I have one more stop before I get back to Edmonton. I’m on my way to San Francisco, and as usual, I’m trying to plan out the visit in advance. But unlike usual, I’ve failed the planning process, and am doing it on the plane, on the way (yes, that’s...

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