Saskatoon, Vulcan, Calgary, Edmonton.

The last remaining days in Saskatoon were pretty uneventful. I went to Keo’s on 2nd again, this time with my mom. I was a little nervous taking her there because in the past she didn’t like anything too unusual, or atypical. But she loved the massaman curry just as much as I did, and wondered how I could eat the pad thai in all of it’s hot spicy glory. I spoke with the owner’s son, and found out that there was a sibling restaurant in St.Albert (a suburb of Edmonton) but he wasn’t sure of the name. I’m guessing it’s probably Thai Mekong Restaurant (506 St. Albert Road, St.Albert, AB). So I’ll try and check that out soon.

tofu Pad Thai

I got into Edmonton on Saturday afternoon, so I missed the Worldwide Vegan Bake sale that was happening at Planet Organic, but I did end up following tradition and going with Jen to Double Greeting for a quick evening snack. We decided to go to Calgary the next morning.
While in Calgary we stumbled upon Le Chein Chaud. My normal go to place, Buddah’s Veggie house has turned into a meat veggie “Fusion” restaurant, so I was less interested in heading out there this time. So we were walking down 4st towards 17th, and there it was. The Chicago is vegan without modification. The consensus was that the veggie dogs were undercooked, but the toppings almost made up for it.

Le Chien Chaud Le Chien Chaud - "The Chicago"

We decided to drive the two hours to Vulcan, just because… we were already in Calgary… so why not? It was Sunday so most things were closed. But I got my picture taken with the Enterprise and beside the “Welcome to Vulcan” sign, and logged into the Trek Center on foursquare so I’m content.

On Monday I introduced a new friend to one of my favourite places in Edmonton, Krua Walai. We just missed the lunch buffet (which is usually full of vegan options), but had some delicious salad rolls and a tofu panang curry a la carte.

salad rolls Krua Wilai

There is a Vegetarian’s of Alberta potluck this weekend, and the mother’s day brunch at Padmanadi tomorrow. It’s going to be a delicious few days.