Everything and Everything – More Poutine, but not much else.

Well, the last few days haven’t been devoid of activity, I’ve just been entirely too tired to post about them. That and not much food was involved, beyond my new favourite: Poutini’s (Late night dubstep and vegan poutine! Can’t go wrong there)

Vegan Poutine

I made a long awaited visit to the Ontario Science Center. As with every science center it was full of children, and that seemed to be the centers target audience, but as always, I had a great time. My friend and I went up on stage experience static electricity during a demonstration. While I really enjoyed my temporary static hair style, I don’t think I could pull if off on a daily basis.

Science Demonstration

We also went into the Harry Potter exhibit. I have to admit, my science center buddy had to twist my arm a little to get me in there. Not that I don’t like the Harry Potter series, I just couldn’t see any reason to go. But I’m glad we did. Unfortunately no cameras were allowed, but they replicated parts of Hogwart’s Academy and had a few props from the movies (some of which I still haven’t seen.) It was an interesting experience all around. We both wondered how it related to science, but upon exiting we noticed there was a demonstration about “potions”. And it all made sense.

entrance to harry potter

I visited the Green Room (296 Brunswick Avenue) in the Annex on Friday night, and while my date was certain it was vegan friendly, it wasn’t. Vegetarian yes, vegan no. But was fun enough as a hang out, I would probably go again just for the environment. Our server suggested the salad rolls without shrimp and they were actually pretty good (but not anywhere as good as Krua Wilai in Edmonton.) The rice paper was the thin fresh smelling kind I like, but I think it would have been much better with some julienned carrot and peanut dipping sauce. Thankfully they brought me copious amounts of hot sauce, so it was good enough.

That morning a friend and I went to the Canadian National Exhibition. We almost didn’t go because it was so gloomy and rainy out, but I’m glad we did. While it was really dreary in the morning, it cleared up quite a bit, and since other people were dissuaded from going, the park wasn’t as busy as it was on other days.

CNE - not so busy

I really enjoyed the Cheryl-Ann Webster’s Beautiful Woman Project, unique art work and really touching stories associated with each piece. I had read about it in the newspaper a few weeks ago and it was one of the reasons I wanted to go to the CNE. Some pieces were heartbreaking, some were funny; walking through inspired a vast range of emotions.

Part of Cheryl-Ann Webster's Beautiful Woman Project

We also caught Bendy Em, a contortionist from Sydney, Australia that can stuff herself into a tiny glass box. I think the picture says more than enough. This same picture also demonstrates how gloomy it was outside that day.

Girl in a glass box.

Where else could I find magically disgusting dishes like “Deep Fried Butter” and “Chocolate Covered Bacon.” I’ll just straight up admit that if I wasn’t vegan, I probably would have tried them just because they sounded so repulsive they piqued my adventurous streak. Somehow I think that’s one more reason why I’m glad to be vegan. Sometimes it protects me from myself.

Gross stuff you can eat at the CNE

One awesome thing about being here is that I can get Sweets from the Earth cheesecake and other treats from so many locations in the city (including some of the Second Cups.) I bought a Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake at 3am from Sobey’s… on sale. It was kind of a weird moment. Some of their products are available in Edmonton from Planet Organic. It’s nice to be here, but it’s nicer to realize that they are doing so well that they’ve spread across the country. So yummy.