Lazy Vegan Friday – Vegan Egg from Follow Your Heart

We’re in New York City for the holidays again, and paid a visit to Haymaker’s Corner – an all vegan grocery store in Brooklyn, NY. We had pre-ordered a holiday meal from them, and some stuff from Vegan Treats – and luckily, the night before, they also got in a shipment of Follow Your Heart’s […]

So Delicious Dairy-Free Cashew Ice Cream

You’ve probably seen one or two of these new So Delicious Cashew based ice creams appear around the city. If not – they’re popping up everywhere – check the fridge at your local grocery. So, last week I received a box of three So Delicious Cashew Ice Creams (or, sure,  CFIA, “non-dairy frozen desserts”) –  Creamy Cashew, […]

Miyoko’s Kitchen – Vegan Artisanal Cheese

One of the first things that came to mind after I had the opportunity to be in New York for a week last month was ordering a box of Miyoko’s Kitchen artisanal vegan cheeses. Since they don’t (and still don’t) ship to Canada, I’ve been watching people’s unboxing photos with a huge amount of envy, […]

Lazy Vegan Friday – So Delicious CocoWhip

I’m in New York City right now, and one of the things I love doing whenever I’m in the USA is finding products we don’t have in Toronto. A few months ago I started seeing So Delicious‘ CocoWhip appearing on friends’ and bloggers Instagram feeds and knew… I must try some. So my opportunity came […]

New Vegan Cheese in Town: Maniocheese – Lazy(ish) Vegan Friday

There is a new vegan cheese in Toronto called Maniocheese, a plant based cheese made from made from cassava (also known as tapioca, manioc or yucca), peruvian parsnip and beans, and it’s here all the way from Brazil! (There it’s known as Mandiokejo) It’s imported by Vegantage Point, and at the moment is available directly from them online, or from The […]

Lazy Vegan Friday – Gardein Good Start Breakfast Sandwich

Earlier this week I was wandering through Kensington Market in search of Gadein’s new Fishless-Filets that I had tried at ExpoWest, but my dreams were foiled, and replaced by new dreams – trying the (also new-to-me) Gardein Breakfast Sandwich. I found it in the Freezer section of Essence of Life, and haven’t seen it anywhere […]

Amy’s Kitchen Instant Meals Two Ways – Spaghetti Italiano and Tamale Verde – Lazy Vegan Friday

Wegmans is a store many Ontario folks are probably familiar with, as the answer to the closest one-stop-shop  for all those delightful USA vegan grocery items we might not be able to find in the USA.  So on a recent trip to the USA we stopped at Wegmans on the way back home from a […]

Lazy Vegan Friday: Breaded Turkey-Less Stuffed Roasts from Trader Joes

Lazy Vegan Friday is where I talk about a prepared vegan product I’ve found somewhere in the world. Today it’s time to talk (not) turkey. On a recent trip to the USA we stopped into the new Trader Joe‘s in Buffalo, NY (1565 Niagara Falls Blvd) and saw these Turkey-Less Stuffed Roasts in the freezer […]