Things I love Thursday – Patio Weather, Polish Vegan Kids Books, Nonsense, Kittens, Toronto in the Spring, Events

We’ve had a few brief slivers of time in the past two weeks where it was sunny and beautiful outside. Torontonians seem uplifted from the clouds and the cold and every street becomes full of pedestrians soaking up as much of the sun as possible. I was no different. In between meetings around the city I basked in the sunshine as much as possible.

Patio Weather


It was actually patio weather for a day or two, and I had the joy of sitting outside and drinking a cup of coffee. I’m going to try and work my way through the TVA’s Patio Guide. This one is from 2012, but I’m sure they’ll put out an updated one soon. It surprises me how many options are out there that I still haven’t made the time to try. I’m trying to get into a tourist frame of mind again, because now I live in Toronto without a doubt, and I’ve gotten very set in my regular haunts.

 Polish Vegan Kids Books

dlatego nie jemy zwierzat

I’m really excited to buy a copy of the Polish version of Ruby Roth’s “This is Why We Don’t Eat Animals.” It is  hard to describe the feeling of seeing a piece of work that feels significant in your mother tongue, but I got really excited, and maybe a little teary. -“Dlatego nie jemy zwierząt.” I see it & start thinking of reading it to children I don’t have yet.

I thought the Vegan is Love book was adorable (and we have it), and I really do think outreach to children is especially essential in bringing about a society of ethical compassionate beings. (I’m a hopeful sort sometimes.)


Foster Cats - 3 grey kittens from Toronto Cat Rescue

Kitten season is here, and while I wish people would spay & neuter their pets, we have three grey soon-to-be adoptable foster kittens living in our basement right now, and they’re pretty cute. We got them right around where they were much like very young human infants – sentient, but kind of useless while building up resources to continue development. And please know, that when I say useless, I mean it in the absolute most loving way possible. But now they are now in full on exploring kitten mode, with all the playful rambunctiousness that entails.


With Spring, come events. Tomorrow is the Marineland Animal Defense Anniversary Dinner at Guru in Niagara Falls. This week was also the beginning of Hot Docs, which is full of amazing films I’m looking forward to seeing.


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  1. Squeee, kittens! They’re so adorable! I’m loving the sun being out too and I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to sit outside without a hoodie!