May Vegan Food Swap from the Antique Appetite

Another month, another lovely swap, this time from the Antique Appetite, aka Jessica. So, funny story, I had matched Ms. Antique Appetite up to receive a package from Devon, and I had matched myself to send to Devon, and since we live in the tiny city of Toronto, we all ended up meeting up to exchange our swaps. Fine, […]

April Vegan Food Swap – Happy 1st Swapaversary from Jackie at the Short Stack Foodie

It’s been 1 year since the little food swap that could started up. I’ve been introduced to so many awesome and lovely people, bloggers, vegans, and foodies all over Canada. I know that people have started up blogs because of the swap, they’ve made friends, and real life connections because of the swap, and I […]

Vegan Food Swap Recieved from the Veggiewitch

The vegan food swap has been one of my favourite regular monthly activities. Sure it’s only been two months. But it’s been lovely. I’m thrilled with the positivity and graciousness that I’ve seen from most participants. I think people have for the most part been really appreciative of the thought and care that everyone has […]

Vegan Food Swap from The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado #veganswap

Last week I received my inaugural vegan swap from The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado. Stuff from Community Naturals (food bars, dried fruit, and wasabi peas which I’m snacking on right now), Congo Cowboy Gourmet – mango barbecue sauce, a couple of food bars from Via Foods… and the thing that probably made me smile the most… a jar of Saskatoon Berry […]

Guest Post: JC and Vegan Swap – Thanks Jill!

In the grand tradition of leaving things to the last minute, I just finished filing my taxes for last year. Something was nagging me that I also needed to do, and MeShell reminded me I hadn’t completed my other, much more important task before it’s midnight deadline – writing about my Vegan Swap experience! I […]