Vegan Food Swap Recieved from the Veggiewitch

The vegan food swap has been one of my favourite regular monthly activities. Sure it’s only been two months. But it’s been lovely. I’m thrilled with the positivity and graciousness that I’ve seen from most participants. I think people have for the most part been really appreciative of the thought and care that everyone has tried to put towards what they’re sending.

Kindness abounds, and I hope it continues. I’m protective over this little thing, and I would like it to keep growing, and keep bringing people from around the country together in a fun an unique way.

I sent a swap to Katie at Not Your Parents Granola and you can see sent over here on her blog.

When I got home from work several weeks ago, my May Swap was waiting outside of our door. Just sitting on my doorstep like some kind of wonderful present from a stranger (which… it was.) I was matched with Denise the Veggiewitch and I totally loved everything.

What was in there:

  •  A great note. (Thank you!)
  •  Cocoa-Mocha Quenelles – Recipe on Veggiewitch’s Site Here – Magical soft melt in your mouth chocolate mocha cookies. That are no more left, and I’m amazed at how long they survived. But now I can make more, because the recipe is there for the baking.
  •  Hardcore-granola – recipe here – this amazing fruit filled granola, which inspired me to actually eat breakfast one morning (with positive results!)
  •  Prana Sumsuma – Seasame Squares – Which I’ve never seen before, but they look delicious.
  •  Organic Crystalized Ginger. My mouth waters at the thought of this.
  •  A bar of endangered species chocolate – Organic Dark Chocolate with Natural Cherry Flavour.
  •  Last but not least, a package of Guayaki Yerba Mate which accompanied me to work the next day and has made my mornings a little tastier.

Thanks for everything Denise!

Proof: this is tea at my desk

You want to participate in this swap don’t you? Of course. Join us. Sign up here, I’ll be pairing people off around June 7-8th, so there is time to sign up.

How It Works:
1. Sign up by completing the form HERE. This swap is for Canadian Residents only, solely to limit the amount of customs issues you might experience with cross boarder shipping. It might be fun to do an international swap in the future, stay tuned. (the USA Swap is here)
2. On/around the 7th of the month, you’ll receive an e-mail from me containing the name and e-mail address of your Vegan Food Swap match. You’ll need to contact them to get their mailing address and any food specifics (allergies, gluten-free, etc.)
3. Collect items that you’ve purchased or made and box them up. Let’s keep the spending limit under $20 Canadian.
4. Please include a written or typed note in your package.
5. By the 15th of the month, ship your package to your Vegan Food Swap match.
6. Please let your partner know you received the package.
7. Around the end of the month, post an entry on your blog about what you received, and be sure to include a shout-out (or a link back) to the person who sent you the box!

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      • I can magically correct anything if you’d like 😉

        Thanks so much for participating and for the great swap 🙂