May Vegan Food Swap from the Antique Appetite

Another month, another lovely swap, this time from the Antique Appetite, aka Jessica.

So, funny story, I had matched Ms. Antique Appetite up to receive a package from Devon, and I had matched myself to send to Devon, and since we live in the tiny city of Toronto, we all ended up meeting up to exchange our swaps. Fine, this story isn’t funny at all, you just had to be there.

I met Devon at Sadie’s Diner and Juice Bar to do the exchange. Sadie`s delicious grapefruit juice also happens to be totally perfect on a hot day, so win, win. Jessica is a few buildings over, we wandered over, and exchange treats again. Devon brought a cute pink box, with a bow, the swap I gave her was in a brown bloom cookie co paper bag. Devon wins. Jessica also wins, because the bag she gave me was covered in polka dots (anyone that’s seen me in the last few weeks has probably noticed a dot trend.)

I went home to gleefully look at the contents of my present.

Inside I found:

Vegan Food Swap - May 2013

Evelyn’s Crackers
This package is a familiar sight at the Farmers’ Markets around town. And I’ve meant to try them, but until yesterday hadn’t even walked up to the sampling table to taste them. Since I’m an honest cat, I should tell you that the package of crackers you see in this image is not the one Jessica sent. See… because those spicy dal crackers? They’re a hit. We’ve been eating them with not-cheese, over the week, and they’ve just (not-so)slowly disappeared. I picked up another one at Dufferin Grover Farmers Market on Thursday.

Ruth’s SoftHemp
Vegan Food Swap - May 2013
I don’t know what to do with hemp really. I’ve played around with baking it. Or just throwing it in salads, but I checked out the Ruth’s SoftHemp website, and found a recipe for hemp burgers. I’m curious and ready to make some food magic happen.

Farmers Market Blend Green Supershake
Vegan Food Swap - May 2013

I’m planning on making this and drinking it at some point today. Otherwise, I’ve never tried this product before. But it’s got spinach, kale, fruits, protein, and flax in it, so it might be delicious.

Valerie Confections – Blushing Berry Tea
Vegan Food Swap - May 2013
It’s tea, so it’s an easy win. And in a cute little tin.

Thanks to Jessica for her interesting and yummy collection of swap choices, and to Devon for the grapefruit juice at Sadie’s, it’s always nice to meet people AFK.

Now, feel free to add your swap to this list, it’s always nice to see what people have sent around. Plus it makes a wrap up email so much easier to write next month!

You can also get the code to post on your blog here

And feel free to join in on next months swap. You have until June 5th to sign up, and then I’ll be doing the matching thing.

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