Things I Love Thursday – (kinda) Non-Wedding Edition.

Every week (most of the time) I like to post a Things I Love Thursday(TILT) list. Some weeks it goes by the wayside, sometimes I look forward to a navel gazing post about things I like, the week it has been, and other random things I’ve encountered. This is one of the “looking forward to […]

Let’s talk about challah, weddings, and Rosh Hashanah #VeganMoFo

In September 2011, I made my first (vegan or otherwise) challah. I remember it because, 1. I blogged all about it, and 2. It was really nerve wracking, because I had never made challah before, and I was going to JC’s family’s house for Rosh Hashanah dinner (though we had all met before then for the first […]

Throwing a Vegan Engagement Party. Vegan MoFo 2013

Vegan Wedding Related time-sensitive note: For brides on a budget or people that like cute white dresses there is a sale going on on Unique Vintage that you might be into. (I’m unaffiliated with them, but I was amazed at  how cheap some of their dresses were while being pretty AND 100% cotton.) Back to […]

Let’s Start at The Beginning – The Proposal – Vegan MoFo 2013

Happy Labour Day and Happy Vegan Mofo! I just want to give a shout out to the people heading over to demonstrate at Marineland today. I can’t be there, but I support you 100%. Thank you to Marineland Animal Defense for their important work on this. Now, on with the Vegan MoFoing.   This story […]

Vegan MoFo – Vegan Weddings – Intro

Oh Vegan MoFo. You sneak up on me nearly every year. Except this one. I’m ready for you this year. Kind of. Maybe. For the people I’ve never met before (HI!), I’m MeShell, I like cats, baking, technology, and social justice related things with a focus on food education/empowerment/etc. I live with my fiance JC, […]

Vegan MoFo on the Road – Coming home post Sandy.

We’re finally home, albeit a few days later than planned due to Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. We arrived in Philadelphia on Saturday morning after a night on the bus. Sleeplessness and trying to navigate an unfamiliar transit system made for an interesting time, but we found our way to our hotel, and JC made it to his […]

VeganMoFo – Unofficial Soup Week continues at The Depanneur – French Onion Soup

Foursquare tells me it’s been at least three months since I’ve been to The Depanneur (fondly known as The Dep) but I’m glad we went over there last night. JC and I were trying to figure out what to do for date night on such a grey and rainy evening, and I saw a Dep […]

Vegan MoFo – Challah becomes French Toast.

So last week I made Apple Cinnamon Stuffed Maple Challah, and it was delicious. After we finished the first loaf, I wondered if I could do anything fun with the second loaf – and french toast came to mind. My mom had bought a package of EcoIdeas Cinnamon French Toast mix (it’s vegan and gluten-free) […]

Vegan MoFo – Upping my Tillers Rep in Real Life – Fresh City Farms

This weekend JC and I got our hands dirty at the Fresh City Farms plots at Downsview Park. It takes around an hour to get out there by bus from our house, but it was genuinely rewarding (and not just in the quantity of beets we brought home with us afterwards.) I picked eggplant, hot […]

Vegan MoFo – Friday Night Apple Cinnamon Stuffed Maple Challah and a goodbye to an old (camera) friend.

It’s getting cold outside, which also means it’s getting cold in the house. Emmie cat has gotten snugglier, and so have I, especially in my resistance to turn on the heat until at least the end of October. I don’t think that’s going to happen. It’s also time where I realize I don’t own any […]