Vegan MoFo – Challah becomes French Toast.

So last week I made Apple Cinnamon Stuffed Maple Challah, and it was delicious. After we finished the first loaf, I wondered if I could do anything fun with the second loaf – and french toast came to mind.

Apple cinnamon stuffed maple challah

My mom had bought a package of EcoIdeas Cinnamon French Toast mix (it’s vegan and gluten-free) but didn’t like it at all. So, she gave it to me. I figured I could do something with it to make it more appealing, so I took it home with me from Edmonton.

I made the French Toast mix as described on the package, but I added an extra tsp of cinnamon, and more than enough brown sugar. Do not eat this stuff raw. I repeat, do not eat this stuff raw. It tastes like powdered mung bean. But once you cook it, and fry it up, it’s actually quite delicious.

Yesterday's challah, today's French toast

I really liked the layer of batter that attached itself to the bread. With delicious results!

In non food news, we got a pair of kittens from Toronto Cat Rescue today, and they’re currently quarantined in one of our bathrooms.  They need to be socialized, but expect pictures as soon as they decide us humans are alright. 🙂


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