Vegan MoFo – MoFo Monday and the Beginning of Apple Week.

Like I said on Thursday – We have too many apples. Luckily there are many things that can be done with apples, but too few of them seem to be savory. Well. I’ve followed in the footsteps of other vegan bloggers in the last few weeks and taken their recipes and made them at home.

First item on my list was this Apple Spice Muffin recipe from Bite Me (I’m Vegan) (don’t they just look perfect for breakfast?). While getting into the apple peeling, chopping mode, I ended up opting to make some unsweetened apple sauce in my slow cooker. There is always a use for it, especially when I’m baking, so I threw some of it in a jar, and some of it in snack bags in the freezer. My winter instinct to stockpile food for the cold months ahead is in full force.

apple spice muffins

Having gone grocery shopping yesterday, we picked up a couple of beautiful baguettes from ACE bakery, one of them didn’t make it past 7pm last night, drowning in a mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The other one was supposed to turn into crostini today, I decided it would be a waste of sandwich potential. But what kind of sandwich? Serendipity brought me a brilliant and relevant idea from The Verdant Life – Basil Apple Mustard Panini Sandwiches! Where have you been all my life savory apple sandwiches? It doesn’t matter, I’m just glad they’re here now.

mustard apple basil sandwich

I found Cupcakes and Kale’s (we meet again) recipe for Apple Salted Caramel Cupcakes through Winged Snail’s Leibster Blog award post yesterday. But they are gluten free, so I’m saving them for Gluten Free Wednesday. Which lead me to this recipe and beautiful pictures of Salty Medjool Date Caramel and apples from V.K. Rees’ photography blog.

I want to make this Apple Upside Down Cake from Liz Lemon Nights (and adapted from Smitten Kitchen) some day soon. I have some not so pretty apples that are looking for a home – preferably one outside of the compost bucket. There is a good chance my lentil, sweet potato, apple and carrot soup will make an appearance this week, and honestly, I can’t wait to make and eat it.

Sayward/Bonzai Aphrodite went to an Apple Tasting event, and it reminded me how much I wish I could attend one of those. I’ve missed them a few times when I was visiting Portland, but we have them here in Ontario and I have not put in enough effort into making it happen. To Do: Apple Tasting. Or an apple festival. We missed several of the major ones last month – like the Brighton Applefest in eastern Ontario, the Ruthevan Apple festival and the St.George Applefest. All in September. Something to make a note of for next year!

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  1. The Little House cookbook has a recipe for fried apples and onions if you need more savoury things.