Vegan Cookies take over… my week!

Oh it’s been a great few weeks. I spent a few evenings baking up a storm in the kitchen for a Winter Cookie Exchange.

First cookies I made were basically a cookie disaster. All I had was Becel vegan margarine and as many people know, it’s really not that great for baking. But, it’s great for making moist cookie dough (in case you just want to stand in the kitchen eating it… not that I know…) So my pecan chocolate chip cookies smelled wonderful while they were baking, tasted great, but they just were’t quite right.

pecan chocolate chip cookies

The next day I received a care package in the mail from my mom, and of course the cookies she baked were magic and a half. (But cookies from Mom always are). She used the a recipe from the Vegan Planet cookbook
which is availible online on
(but that cookbook is worth buying, it’s a great resource!
Proof my mom loves me

Then it was cookie party day. Everyone brought 4 dozen (except me) but it was such a great idea. Everyone brings cookies, you spread them out, and everyone leaves with a great assortment of treats. I brought a few different kinds but only managed to make around 2.5 dozen, so I left with fewer cookies than everyone else (which was perfect!).


I used a recipe off of the Globe and Mail, but veganized it, and modified it to the point that as usual, I wasn’t following a recipe anymore. My experiment in making lemony vegan royal icing was a success (I think), but I feel like my peanut butter icing needed some more work. I’ll be better prepared for next time!


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