Toronto: Bunner’s Bake Shop – Gluten Free Vegan Bakery.

I was rummaging around on the internet this weekend and noticed a posting about Bunner’s Bake Shop (3054 Dundas W, Toronto, ON) opening on Saturday. Well, I was out in the Kawartha Lakes area at the time (p.s. vegan options in Lindsay? not so much), “enjoying” the freezing rain, so I couldn’t make it. But when I got back to town, I rushed over to try them out.

Bunner's Bake Shop Gluten Free Vegan

I have to admit, while I was researching other cities and their vegan restaurants and cafes for VeganMofo, I was dreaming that Toronto would soon have a vegan bakery of it’s very own (that I could get to with public transit; I can’t forget about the Vegan Danish Bakery in Thornhill!!!) and so it was THRILLING to hear that one had actually opened. Honestly though when I heard “vegan bakery” I was excited, but when I saw gluten free was involved I was a little disappointed. I know there are great gluten free products out there, I just haven’t had many. Well, until now. When I’m saying this place is good, it’s not just gluten-free good. It’s actually good.

From the moment I walked into the place, I wished I lived closer so I could go there every morning and buy a cookie, donut, muffin, cupcake, coffee, whatever. The people working there are so damn friendly and helpful, I hope they succeed, and I hope coffee shops and cafes around the city start using them as their source of vegan baked goodness.

Bunner's Bake Shop Cupcake showcase

I walked in with my usual wide-eyed overwhelmed excited face, not knowing what to order or where to begin, but knowing full well that I would likely end up trying everything eventually. They gave me a run down of what they had and offered some decent recommendations, and I’m glad I tried the “gypsy” cookies. Why are they called gypsy cookies? I don’t know. But I was completely sold. Oats, melty chocolate chips, seeds, dried cranberries and a few other things combined into a soft chewy cookie. I want to go back again soon so I can shove another one (or three) in my mouth.

Gluten Free DONUTS!

When I went in there were cupcakes (three different kinds: vanilla, chocolate and red velvet), DONUTS, amazingly yummy cookies (supersonic gypsy cookie), freshly baked loaves of bread (which I’m kicking myself for not trying), muffins, and cookie sandwiches! But I imagine it changes day by day.


I brought my camera without a memory card so I took a few quick pictures, but I’ll be back again with more photo space next time. Go there!

Gluten free vegan cookie sandwich -Eat this cookie, before it eats you
Eat this cookie before it eats you!

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