Toronto – Review – Bi Bim Bap (Vegan Friendly Korean food on Eglinton West)

bibimbap menuIn my recent and unquenchable search for vegan friendly kimchi in Toronto, I found a review on The Star that made us visit Bi Bim Bap for dinner that very evening. Ironically, the one thing I was searching for – the kimchi – has fish in it, but they have a variety of other interesting and vegan friendly options. EDIT: The kitchen is seafood free now, so both the miso and the kimchi are vegan. Other things I should update this post with include the kimchi fries which are straight up delicious

I’ve only had vegan Bib Bim Bap (from Franchia in NYC), but my friends have raved about it for years, and I do love beautiful, colourful food. So it was nice to find a spot in Toronto, that had an understanding of what a vegan diet was and had it written clearly on the menu. (p.s. they also have wifi.)

We started with the tofu with a spicy soy glaze.

Bi Bim Bap - Toronto -

This was my stonebowl – The Tofu Stone Bowl, Tofu was¬†lightly flowered and fried crispy. I got mine with white rice, and besides tofu it was topped with radish,¬†spinach, bean sprouts, julienned carrots, cucumber, burdock, and zucchini, And on top of this collection – there were little slivers of dried seaweed and sesame seeds. I topped it all off with their Mild Hot sauce – the Original Hot GoChuJang. Which for reference – wasn’t that hot on the first bite, but did progressively build up as I ate (next time I’m going to try the Extra Hot.)

Bi Bim Bap - Toronto - Tofu Bibimbap

JC got the 9 variety mushroom stonebowl (we could identify oyster, enoki, shitake, and crimini, the rest remain a delicious mystery), he ordered it as it was recommended on the menu – with the garlic soy sauce. There was a great diversity of umami flavours, but he liked my spicy sauce more.

Bi Bim Bap - Toronto - Mushroom Bibimbap

Overall, it was a nice option, and I liked that they were open till 8pm on a Sunday night.

Things to Know.

Bi Bim Bap: Korean Stone Bowl Riceteria
950 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto, ON
Closed on Monday, have wifi.

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  1. This is Sam from Bi Bim Bap. Finally succeded in making a Vegan KimChi that meets our standards and tasty enough to serve to our customers. The flavor is true to the Korean Traditional KimChi flavor. It has been fermenting for 2 months and we just started serving it today!! It seems to get tastier with age so come in soon before we run out!!

    • Hi Sam,

      Thanks for letting me know! Do you mind sharing what the umami secret is in your vegan kimchi?