Toronto Animal Book Club – First Meeting – Sunday, April 21st 4pm

After being inspired by a recent post on Our Hen House, a group of us has decided to start a Veg/Animal Book Club in Toronto, our first meeting is April 21st at 4pm. Location to be announced once I get final numbers. To find out more information feel free to contact me directly, on twitter – @mdgee, or join our facebook group.

We’ve opted to start with The Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol J Adams – a book that has inspired a lot of people (as indicated by the Defiant Daughters book released recently) and inspired a lot of criticism as well/ (and more from an Animal Voices interview with Mirha-Soleil Ross – transcript)

We’re looking to create a positive, respectful space to share, read, learn, and talk about animal friendly literature and non-fiction. You can learn more about goals and see a list of potential future books here,

Hope to see you at our first meeting!