Hey Toronto – How about a veg/animal rights book club?

I’ve been inspired by a recent post on Our Hen House (as I often am) but this time it’s made me really want to take things offline. Recently they posted about the Animal Defense Fund’s online book club, which I think is an awesome fantastic idea – but – I’d like to see if there is any interest in making that happen in real life in Toronto.

I know we’re all busy people, with conflicting schedules, but we could meet once a month on the third Tuesday evening (for example) or another mutually agreeable time/date of the month.

So Toronto – are you interested? Let’s make this happen. Send me an email, send me a tweet (@mdgee), add yourself to the group on facebook, give me your thoughts, and most of all join in.

Some initial goals for this book club: 

  • A positive respectful space to share, read, learn, and talk about animal friendly literature and non-fiction. This could/would include:
    • Advocacy writings and exploring animal ethics through reading
    • The history of animal activism and movements
    • Memoirs of important figures
    • Sharing animal friendly children’s literature (like sharing our favourite short books one month, etc.)
    • This could also include reading books that are not pro-vegetarian/vegan, but ones that really challenge us. We can take it in whatever direction we want it to go.
  • A place to learn from our readings and from each other.
  • A place to potentially see things in a new way.
  • A place to meet other people interested in animal rights and welfare in a relaxed social, non-academic, atmosphere.

Just a few potential book suggestions:

From current works to classics, to anti-veg works, books exploring captivity, vivisection, and animal liberation movements, There is a lot out there, but here are just a couple possibilities, in no particular order, and linked to the Toronto Public Library (where available):

Does that sound good? This is just the beginning, but I’d love to meet and talk books with interested Torontonians, let’s do it!


8 Responses

  1. I just randomly stumbled on your blog and have fallen in love with. I would to be part of a Toronto veg/animal rights book club. I also read about the one on Our Hen House and loved the idea.

    • That’s awesome, thanks for reading. I’ve sent you an invite to the FB Group, we’re still getting organized.

  2. Great idea. Would love to participate.
    Does Tita Zierer know about this?She would be a great asset.

  3. I heard about this from a friend who works for TPL – question: where would you meet? I usually work Tuesday evenings, but might be able to attend one if I have the day off/vacation.

    • Hi Cynthia,

      We’re meeting on Sunday at Clinton’s on Bloor this week, but future meetings might be held at a Public Library Branch or other location. Ideally we’ll always be on a transit line and as accessible as possible.