Top 4 List of Winterlicious Vegan Options in Toronto

Winterlicious is an annual event in Toronto and it’s kicking of on January 30 – and goes on until Feb. 12. It’s a great way to encourage people to go out and enjoy the various spots in the city during the colder months.

Vegan Time Excellent

This year will see more than 200 top restaurants throughout the city offer a three-course menu at three price categories (lunch $18, $23, $28 and dinner $25, $35, $45).

Of the 200 plus restaurants throughout the city participating five restaurants are offering vegan Winterlicious special prix fixe menus. Of those 5, some of them look pretty exciting, but I’ve put all of them on this list for the sake of information.

While I think it’s great that people and places are trying to incorporate vegan menu items into their offerings, I’m not longer excited simply to be acknowledged, there are some incredible vegan options in this city, even at non-vegan restaurants, so I was surprised they didn’t showcase their talents in plant-based cuisine. (Perhaps next time veggielicious rolls around?)

I’m feeling a bit sarcastic, but sorbet and berries or a bowl of fruit as the vegan dessert option is so last decade, I can get that at Cora’s for breakfast, but some of these talented chefs and restaurants? What are you up to? I sincerely hope that some of these offerings are more exciting than their menu description is conveying, and I still look forward to seeing what these individual restaurants come up with, especially if I found the menu listing boring (prove me wrong.)

There are a few places that seemed to consider a full vegan prix fixe menu and how things fit might fit together, and some that seemed to assume a dish would augment the other non-vegan menu items here and there. And it’s fine. I don’t mind not being someone’s market, and I don’t expect everyone to have vegan food, but if you do… please make it awesome.

I like that the online Winterlicious restaurant list allows spots to be sorted by whether they offer vegan stuff, you can see the full, untruncated list here, but I didn’t much care to see the non-vegan stuff, so let’s pretend there are only 5 4 winterlicious restaurants, and they only offer vegan stuff.

Here is my top 4 list of Vegan Winterlicious Options in Toronto, based on arbitrary reasons like inventive dessert options or entrees/mains that involve more than salad/kale.

  1. Grasslands  (dinner only, lots of options. & a fully vegan restaurant [$25])
  2. Living Room (lunch[$28] and dinner[$45] have some great and ample looking options)
  3. Marcel’s Bistro  (lunch[$23] and dinner[$35] options)
  4. La Maquette  (lunch [$23] and dinner[$35] options)
  5. Trevor – (dinner – [$35]) Go here if you like kale for almost every course. Don’t worry though there are sorbet and berries for dessert.

If any of these strike your fancy, you’ll have to make reservations, if you visit the winterlicious site, they have helpful opentable links for most of these restaurants, or you can call the locations directly.


478 Queen St W (map)

Website Twitter Facebook On Winterlicious

$25 Dinner Plus taxes and gratuity

Sweet Potato Fritter (vegan/local)
Ontario yams, red onion, rice flour croquette, marinated slaw, spicy mayo
French Canadian Pea Soup (vegan)
Thick soup of yellow split peas, carrots, onions and herbs
Beet Salad (vegan/local)
Shaved Ontario beets, spinach, toasted almond slices, cashew cheese, orange balsamic vinaigrette

Grilled Seitan Steak (vegan/local)
House made red pepper and herbed seitan steak, smoky BBQ sauce, grilled Ontario tomato salsa
Pesto Cream Fettuccini (vegan/local)
Wheat fettuccini, Ontario button mushrooms, sundried tomato, grape tomato, snap peas, pesto cream sauce
Butternut Sage Risotto (vegan/local)
Arborio rice, white wine, Ontario butternut squash, fried sage

Chocolate Bundt (vegan)
Rich chocolate cake, warm fudge sauce
Truffles (vegan)
Rich assortment of dark chocolate, coconut rum, vanilla truffles
Vanilla Stack Cake (vegan)
Lightly scented vanilla sponge cake, fresh fruit compote, candied walnuts

Living Room

Windsor Arms Hotel
18 St Thomas St (map)
Yorkville – Fully Accessible

Website Twitter Facebook On Winterlicious

$28 Lunch – Plus taxes and gratuity

Kale Salad with Raisins, Walnut & Avocado (vegan)
with Tahini Dressing

Roasted Peppers “Farcis” (vegan)
with Saffron Potatoes and Zucchini, Herbs and Ginger Dressing

Chocolate Fudge Cake (vegan) 

$45 Dinner – Plus taxes and gratuity

Potato and Piquillo Galette (vegan)
with Avocado Fritters and Tomato Sauce

Sweet Potato & Cranberry Layers (vegan)
Runner Beans Ragout & Ratatouille

Chocolate Fudge Cake (vegan)

La Maquette

111 King St E(map)
Downtown, Old Town – Accessible
Website Facebook On Winterlicious

$23 Lunch – Plus taxes and gratuity

Mesclun Baby Organic Salad (vegan)
tossed in a light honey(?) mustard dressing
Roasted Ontario Red and Golden Baby Ontario Beats (vegan)
served with pickled onion and raspberry vinaigrette

Vegetarian Risotto (vegan)
grilled vegetable and sundried tomato, olive oil, shallots, garnished with marjoram

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Bowl (vegan)

$35 Dinner – Plus taxes and gratuity

Roasted Ontario Red and Golden Baby Ontario Beats (vegan)
served with pickled onion and raspberry vinaigrette

Butternut Squash Ravioli (vegan)
tossed in olive oil, fresh herb, cherry tomato and grilled vegetables

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Bowl (vegan)

Marcel’s Bistro

315 King St W (map)
Entertainment District
Website  Twitter Facebook On Winterlicious

$23 Lunch – Plus taxes and gratuity

Soupe du Marché (vegan/local)
Market-fresh vegetable soup

Couscous de Legumes (vegan)
Couscous with grilled vegetables selected daily by our Chef

Sorbet aux Fruits du Jour (vegan)
Sorbet with fresh fruit

Note: might be worth asking about the Baba au Rhum cake without whipping cream.

$35 Dinner – Plus taxes and gratuity

Soupe du Marché (vegan/local)
Market Fresh Vegetable Soup
Salade D’endives et Betteraves aux Amandes Grillées, Vinaigrette de Framboises (vegan/local)
Endive and beet salad with roasted sliced almonds and raspberry vinegar dressing

Risotto D’Orges aux Légumes D’hiver(vegan/local)
Pearl barley risotto with winter vegetables

Baba au Rhum et Fruit Frais (vegan)
Baba au Rum cake topped with fresh fruit
Sorbet aux Fruit du Jour (vegan)
Sorbet with fresh fruit

Trevor Kitchen and Bar

38 Wellington St E (map)
Downtown, Old Town

$35 Dinner Plus taxes and gratuity

Arugula &Kale Salad (vegetarian/local/can be made vegan)
with pecorino, pine nuts, pear & pomegranate dressing

Warm Beet & Kale Salad (vegetarian/can be made vegan)
with goat cheese, pearl onions, quinoa & cranberry orange dressing

Sorbet & Berries (vegan/local)

What’s your favourite vegan friendly Winterlicious menu? Have you been to any of these restaurants before? Do you like sorbet & berries?