Things I Love Thursday/Friday -Bowlritos

I started writing this on Thursday, and then Friday appeared, and ended. But I’m still posting it.

We’re working on a few things over at the JorEl house, and most of those things are good.

In grown up news we recently bought some pretty spiffy new appliances to replace the old ones that came with the house. This week has been spent dealing with that – because unfortunately SOMEONE (me) failed to measure the narrowest part of the doorway. So we were well on the road to New Appliancetown, the old ones were removed, and just as they brought over the new ones… nope. Too narrow.

So we got someone to come in and hack off part of our door and drywall. Seems like the perfect time of year to do it (just jokes – it’s not). But… we’re one huge leap towards being able to do our own laundry again. And while the laundromat is fun and all (& wash and fold), I miss that fresh fluffy warm blanket out of the dryer feeling.

Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow. I hope. Hope is no longer needed. Mission accomplished. We have grown up appliances and I’m genuinely excited to use them. JC was delighted by the fact that they make sounds when we open them. We’ll see how long this delight lasts.

My review copy of JL Fields’ new book Vegan Pressure Cooking arrived in the mail, which is exciting in general, but even more so, when paired with the Instapot JC’s mom got us (him/but really we’re both going to be using it). I should have a review up this coming week, with a recipe and a giveaway.

We’ve had a great week of food and fun, it’s been one of those weeks with a wonderfully balanced feeling of productive and enjoyable. I look forward to many more of those.

Finally, I made something that might just be my favourite thing – a bowlrito. It all seems so obvious now. Why haven’t I been eating this all the time? It’s relatively simple, and fast.


So What’s in the bowl?

  • Assorted greens
  • Pressure cooked jade blend from bulk barn (Bamboo rice, wheat berries, basmati rice, green lentils, split baby garbanzo beans, Daikon radish seeds.) with onion and celery and chilis.
  • Seasoned TVP
  • teese nacho cheese
  • corn kernels
  • diced fresh purple onion
  • diced tomato
  • chopped cilantro
  • juice from a quarter of a lime

It’s super easy to throw together. (I would have used some avocado/guacamole in this if they were soft enough.) I also considered putting a dollop of cashew or tofutti sour cream on this too, but it was already great as it was.

The nice thing about this bowl is that it’s really perfect for bulk cooking, at least a few parts of it. And it has a nice balance of fresh raw ingredients and cooked. I’m going to eat this again for sure. Alternate replacements for the seasoned TVP are seasoned green lentils, crumbled tempeh, tofu, or even wheat gluten pieces too.

Some links from this week I loved:

I hope you had a lovely week!