Tiffinday Vegan Lunch Delivery – More please

Tiffinday was started sometime back in mid 2010 by Seema Pabari as a vegan, tiffin-based lunch time delivery service for downtown Toronto. You put in your order on the website before 3pm the day before, and then you get a nice hot lunch the next day sometime between 11:30am and 12:30pm.

It's in the Bag

Things I love:

  • Delicious yummy hot vegan Indian food for lunch.
  • Environmental responsibility. They provide you with a litter-less lunch. You get stainless steel tiffins filled with food, in a reusable bag. Then the next day – they take it all away and you don’t have to worry about it. Feel like rinsing it? Cool. Don’t want to bother? Also cool.
  • Socially responsible hiring practices – providing a living to those who may face barrier to employment.
  • the twitter and facebook feeds – good links, local food related posts, etc.

I’ve ordered from them twice, and both time’s I’ve been very pleased (and inspired jealousy from my coworkers). The first time was back in December. It was cold, I was still new at work, and wanted some kind of nice cozy comfortable lunch without trudging outside to get it.

I don’t know how I stumbled upon Tiffinday for the first time, it might have been yelp, or the Globe & Mail, since both sound like me, but either way, I’m glad I did.

From my first order….

My collection of tiffins:

The Tiffins


Timpa Wheels
Timpa wheels - Tiffinday These were an incredibly interesting texture and flavour. Sweet, salty, tangy, it’s Swiss chard layered with curry-flavoured chick pea batter, rolled up, steamed, and sliced.

Szechuan Dosa
Szechuan Dosa A blend of Chinese and South Indian flavours in a dosa. With rice, lentils, and vegetables in a spicy sour sauce. Paired with a dollop of coconut chutney and lentil soup.

For my second order, most recently, I ordered a tofu dosa, lentil samosas, and chocolate chip cookies.

Lentil Samosa
Lentil Samosa - My lunch from Tiffinday Vegetarian samosas filled with spiced husked mung lentils with a dash of tamarind chutney. Spicy, yummy, would eat again.

Tofu Dosa
Tofu Dosa - My lunch from Tiffinday This was surprisingly spicy, but also very delicious. The dollup of coconut chutney is always a welcome addition to a spicy meal. Dosas also come with a tiffin tray filled with lentil soup.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
My lunch from Tiffinday

I was pretty attached to trying these cookies. Mostly because of the “chocolate” part of the cookie. They are from LPK’s Culinary Groove, and up until this point I hadn’t tried anything of theirs outside of the Vegetarian Food Festival. Very yummy (and inspired us to pick up more stuff from LPK later in the week).

I think it’s safe to say that as long as I still work in their delivery area, I will be ordering from Tiffinday again. And considering that it looks like the delivery area has expanded since the last time I checked… JC might be ordering from them soon as well.

To learn more about Tiffinday, watch the video from MaRs, it has an interesting origin story.