My first taste of The Depanneur supper club – a drop-in dinner.

I had vaguely known about the Rusholme Park Supper Club before last week, but I hadn’t checked them out. A friend from Saskatoon, my former Rosebud Burlesque instructor, and former Toronto resident connected me with a local veg foodie – Emily Z, and it seems she is often the vegan food chef extraordinaire at the supper club.

The supper club isn’t all vegan all the time, but they do seem to alternate events. JC was especially excited about the BYOB. (okay, I’m a little excited too.) Supper club memberships cost $40 and include the cost of the meal. Memberships are only valid for one day so the way it works is that you “renew” your membership each time you attend the club. Nice huh?

Drop-In Dinner at Depanneur


We checked it out a taste on Thursday, at the Depanneur (1033 College St, Toronto), for the Drop-In French Lentil Soup, Salad, and Sourdough. Delicious Lentil Soup with chard and veggies. A toasted herb and onion fougasse from  Sara Lapell of Nice Buns paired with garlic earth balance and a side of organic greens (spiralized beets & carrots included).

Lentil-Chard Soup,

We topped it off with housemade soda – JC got the blackcurrent cherry soda, and I got the maple lemonade soda. While he thinks he won the soda contest that night, I really liked the maple lemonade. Though it did remind me slightly of the Master Cleanse lemonade (for better or worse).

maple lemonade soda and blackcurrent cherry

I’m hoping to make it to the next two Depanneur/Supper Club events:

  • Drop-in Dinner: Hearty Jamaican Soup with Spelt Dumplings (omg yum) – $10
  • April Fool’s Vegan-o-rama with Emily Zimmerman (I hope the “April fool’s” isn’t the addition of bacon to everything. ha ha ha.) which includes okara cakes with spring greens and horseradish aioli, a leek and wild mushroom galette, kale(!!!), vegan Waldorf salad, and as usual, I’m very excited about dessert – Yuzu Crème brûlée and miso-matzoh toffee.

One other benefit of finding out about these awesome events is that I have an extra reason to go to the Dufferin Grove Farmers Market this Thursday (or any Thursday). Kalmplex, the person doing the Hearty Jamaican Soup drop-in dinner, has a vegan Jamaican patty stand there every week. Completely looking forward to trying it out!

I also really enjoyed the Depanneur. They have lots of nice local products, and seem to run as a cafe during the day. One of the cutest was the “Zombie Jam Photoset,” made by kids in a jam making workshop at The Dep.