Things I Love Thursday – Home Sweet Home

In mid July, JC and I took possession on a new house, but with all the travelling we’ve been up to we haven’t really had the opportunity to live in it. In fact, as someone recently pointed out to me, since we’ve  “moved” I have spent more time away from this house than living in it. Time to change that!

Cats tired from all the paper work...

So, in addition to missing our sweet little kitties, I missed the house too. Even briefly, it already feels like home. With its nice red door and ivy covered brick exterior walls, for some reason it still surprises me that we live here and it is ours.

Most of all, I’m just happy that everything just seemed to fall in to place when we found it. It’s one of those unlikely Toronto stories, which sellers are always afraid of. One single offer. And it was ours.

Sure there are still bits and pieces we need to fix up, and I’m looking forward to digging up most of the yard and planting herbs and vegetables for our neighbourhood raccoons to enjoy (partially kidding – but I’m sure they’ll be wrecking stuff as soon as it’s there.)


It still feels like we’re house sitting for someone else, but at the same time, I’ve realize what a comfort it is to be here. This is home, and I appreciate it.

Even if we still don’t have internet.

Or only intermittent hot water.

But really… let’s not talk about that. We’ll have those in September. Maybe.

I’m also completely swamped with projects, which is both awesome and horrible all rolled into one, if you know what I mean. Of course… I’m grateful, just also very tired.

This TILT is shorter than usual but I’m still basking in home and cats and work. I love a lot of things (and people –  you know who you are.)

Other things I love:

  • Raccoons (P.S. – Why Toronto Residents Need to Embrace City Wildlife)
  • Planning to pick peaches on Saturday with the West End Food Coop and my sweetie pie.
  • Meeting with a potential wedding photographer this weekend.
  • Maximum Tolerated Dose and the Open the Cages Tour on Saturday at 6:30pm at The Drake Hotel (1150 Queen St W, Toronto). With a post-film Q&A with Karol Orzechowski, and speeches by Dr. Lauren Corman about animal resistance in laboratories, and Tino Verducci about anti-vivisection activism in Italy.


But please, tell me… what do you love? What’s making your week a little brighter?

4 Responses

  1. Welcome home MeShell!

    This week I am loving that Guelph Pig Save has organized a lovely event in response to “ribfest” called Pigfest, with FREE vegan food, vendors, and speakers all promoting a peaceful vegan lifestyle. I see you’re busy on Saturday, but maybe you know others interested in attending. There is a Rawlicious newly opened in Guelph so I think we’ll head there for the day.!/events/563393230391669/

    (Follow the first commandment of veganism…. thou shal not read the comments)

    • Thanks Sarina!

      And thanks for sharing that event. I hadn’t heard of it, but oh boy… the comments are actually just stupid. It’s nearly comical. I can’t even believe the things people say anymore.

      • I had a laugh too, they are so over-the-top. The “if you don’t eat animals, all the people will die” line I have heard before and it’s my most favourite assine argument against veganism. 😉

  2. Awwww, I do miss home and the kitchen very much, too. It’s hard to leave your kitchen where you have all the essential tools, basics and spices including that damn juicer. It must be nice to return to your kitties. And oh no, speaking of Internet, upon our arrival in Spain, the Wi-Fi was down for 24 hours. It was a bit frustrating since we wanted to go somewhere, so we went out without a map and discovered two unknown groceries that weren’t listed on HappyCow. They have amazing selections of vegan delights (faux meat alternatives, cheezes, Spanish meals, etc)