Dinner – French Vegan Fair. Faux Gras, Souffle/Quiche, and No-Coq au Vin.

I felt compelled to cook a semi-elaborate dinner. And it all started with a container of Faux Gras from the Regal Vegan. We picked it up at the NY Vegetarian Food Festival, and it seemed like a good idea to actually use it soon. Since I associate foie gras with french cuisine, there began the French theme. […]

The Vegg – Vegan Egg Yolk Replacer

Once upon a time I saw The Vegg online and I thought it was some sort of April Fools Prank that wasn’t possible. The pictures looked… too much like eggs. It looked too good to be true. And the website… looked fake too. However, the website has since improved, and I can verify that The […]