Sorelle & Co. A New Vegan Gluten Free and Nutfree Bakery in Vaughan

Just north of Steeles and west of Yonge Street is a beautiful new bakery called Sorelle & Co in Vaughan. It was started by a mom with 5 daughters with food allergies – you can read the story on their website, but I loved the little mural on the wall on the main floor depicting what I imagine is the family.

Sorelle & Co

They have a lovely variety of baked goods, including breads, donuts, cakes, tarts, macaroons, and more, drinks like coffee, tea, and smoothies, and more substantial eating options like soups, salads, and sandwiches. You can find a menu of their full offerings by the cash register (or check out their website), but when we walked in we saw the bakery case and started ordering (and planned to take more with us later.)

Sorelle and Co interior

The interior is unique, with a colour scheme of teal, gold, white, and silver, with plump chairs to sit on (and regular chairs), and several tables. It’s located in a historical building (formerly Carrville Post Office & General Store built by Thomas Cook in 1845.)

Carrville Post Office & General Store

I can’t get over the polished brand strategy of this place. Everything overlaps and is connected in some way from interior, to packaging, to website, to social media. I had been invited to their media pre-launch event a few weeks ago, but I realized I had no idea how to get anywhere effectively with the Sapling beyond my small TTC comfort zone – but we’re learning and getting betterat it.

The Sapling and I drinking Lattes

We went up the stairs and took a spot against the wall in these lovely plump chairs, and someone followed with our lattes, and a bowl of lentil soup. I did not love the soup (but I like things saltier), but the variety of flavours was nice. I didn’t like my soy latte much either, but I did like that they asked if we wanted it sweetened or unsweetened (they have soy and coconut milk available.)

Now that the stuff I didn’t like is out of the way, we loved everything else.

Sorelle & Co - Linzen cookie Macaroon

We ordered a linzen cookie, and a macaroon. (well JC did). I stole a few bites as usual.

Sorelle & Co - Lemon Brulee Tart

And I ordered this lemon brulee tart. And yes, it was as delicious as it looks!

We left with a double chocolate tart (amazing), a nanaimo bar (magical), and a scone.

Sorelle & Co

It’s just a really beautiful space, and I’m already looking forward to going back again sometime soon and trying some of their other lunch options (sandwiches on challah bread… mmmmm). Lots of staff keep this place moving quickly, and I loved that we could take a peek in the kitchen to see how things were made.

Have you been yet?

Sorelle & Co is wheelchair accessible (around the side entrance on the left), are there are two accessible washrooms on the main floor.

Baby friendly?
Yup! One of the accessible washrooms on the main floor has a changing table. They have several high chairs (a few on each level.)

Sorelle & Co

1052-1056 Rutherford Rd, Vaughan, ON L6A 1S2 (map)
website | facebook | twitter | instagram

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  1. Heading to Sorelle for my best birthday lunch ever. Excellent atmosphere and scrumptious food like Alice in wonderland. Having such bad allergies it’s my first birthday lunch in over 20 years. Thanks to the team at Sorelle for making this possible.