Soon to be in New York City.

I’ve never been to New York City in December, but I’ve been told it’s the time to visit. I’m being whisked away from rainy Toronto, to the arty vegan food haven in the south (which is hopefully less rainy than it is here at the moment.)

As with most trips, I feel compelled to make a list of possible sights and eats, but this time around, I’m not nearly as concerned with getting to it all, since after a few trips, I feel like I’ve gotten a rich NYC experience. I’m most excited about introducing my partner to the various galleries and restaurants that I’ve loved on past visits to the big apple.

We’re staying in the Lower East Side (LES), conveniently located near Lula’s Sweet Apothecary (maybe a bit too conveniently) as well as places I haven’t tried yet, like Babycakes (248 Broome Street between Orchard and Ludlowm, NYC), Tien Garden (170 Allen Street, New York, NY) and Pala (198 Allen Street New York, NY).

Once place I’m very curious about, but haven’t heard too too much about is Yonah Schimmel’s Knishes (137 E Houston St, between Orchard and Allen, New York, NY), knishes sound like the perfect food – mashed potatoes, with a little bit of dough, fried or baked. I’ll find out what’s in those little knishes and hopefully eat them.

Other Food Places to visit
Franchia (12 Park Ave, New York, NY)
Candle 79 (154 E 79th St, New York, NY) or Candle Cafe (1307 3rd Ave, New York, NY)
The Organic Grill (for brunch!) – (123 First Ave btwn 7st. & St.Marks Place, New York, NY)
Red Bamboo (140 W 4th St, between 6th ave & Macdougal, New York, NY)
Dirt Candy (430 East 9th Street New York, NY)

More information later!  Please pass on any recommendations!

4 Responses

  1. skip bamboo (it hasn't been good in years)
    stogo ice cream > lula's (on the upside, lula's is run by vegans unlike stogo). both are in the les.
    pure food and wine is the jam but reservations are must because they're usually booked solid.
    v-spot is worth the subway ride to brooklyn

    have fun!

  2. Wooo, NYC! I can't wait to go back some time. A couple of my favourite places were Cocoa V & Cafe Blossom. The former is near the High Line (awesome) and the latter near the Natural History Museum (awesommmmme).

    Have fun! And we must catch up soon.