Quick Post – Superfood Eateries – Vegan on Adelaide (Toronto)

SuperFoods Eatery I’ll admit, I went to Superfood Eateries last week by accident. It just happened to be there on my walk home, and I just happened to be craving a bit of a pick-me-up. Serendipity really.

The bright green sandwich board outside caught my eye, and there they were speaking my language (I like emphatic vegan wording, but “plant-based” works too), so I walked in and checked it out.

One of the people inside was super helpful and friendly, and he gave me a run down of their products. He mentioned that they had a full menu on their website, and were rotating options to see what people liked the most.


I sampled, then purchased the DiplomatiC – a cold-pressed juice blend of grapefruit, orange, and spirulina. Its sour citrusy goodness really hit the spot as I sat outside in the sun. While there is a small seating area inside Superfood Eateries, it was far too beautiful a day to stay inside.

Superfoods Eatery

Other than colourful cold-pressed juices there are also a variety of To-Go options like raw pizza, and pad thai, as well as dehydrated snacks like kale chips, sweet potato chips, & other assorted magic.

Superfoods Eatery - Pad Thai

I also picked up a mini Pad Thai to-go bowl. Gluten-free. It’s got carrots, zucchini, red peppers, a gingery dressing, kelp noodles, nuts, and full of flavour.

Prices were about the same as you’d expect from any raw-food take away place (not-inexpensive/moderate) but they do occasionally have things on sale for 30% off.

They have been recently added to the Toronto Vegetarian Association Directory, and are part of the discount card.

Restaurant Info

Superfood Eateries
268 Adelaide St. W, Toronto, ON
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Other Stuff: They take cash, debit, credit, etc.

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