Last Road Trip of 2010 – First real stop: Philly Cheese-steak

We left Toronto bright and early at 6am, and found our way to Philadelphia at around 3pm. It was a long drive over, with very few stops, a few terrifying moments, and the usual road related fun. I was excited to be in Philadelphia because it was my first visit, and I’ve always wanted to try a “real” (vegan) Philly cheese-steak straight from the source! Cheese-steak is an example of something that I probably never would have ended up eating as an omnivore, now it sounds good, but I think my adventurousness with food is coupled quite closely with the vegan thing.

Anyway, when I knew we’d be passing through Philadelphia, I wanted to check out Gianna’s Grill, but when we walked over to the address (507 S 6th St, Philadelphia, PA) it was a Blackbird Pizzeria instead. Luckily instead of just being Vegan friendly like Gianna’s was, it was totally vegan, and still had Philly Cheesesteak.

vegan philly cheese steak

On top of it all, there was cake of some kind. I’m not quite sure what they called it other than delicious, but it was quite good.


Then it was time to keep going on to Virginia.

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