Philadelphia Trip – In the Beginning – Govinda’s and Sweet Freedom

We arrived in Philadelphia bright and early on Saturday morning, taking the overnight bus from Toronto starting at 7pm. After successfully navigating the transit system to our hotel downtown, checking in, and showering – JC still made it to his card game nerd festival (okay it was the Magic Grand Prix, and I think he […]

Philly Day Two – More walk, less eat.

My second day in Philly was definitely more of an on foot exploration than a destination based exercise. But I did have a few places on my mind when I headed out. In the morning I walked over to The Academy of Natural Sciences (1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA), snapped a few photos, picked […]

Last Road Trip of 2010 – First real stop: Philly Cheese-steak

We left Toronto bright and early at 6am, and found our way to Philadelphia at around 3pm. It was a long drive over, with very few stops, a few terrifying moments, and the usual road related fun. I was excited to be in Philadelphia because it was my first visit, and I’ve always wanted to […]