Engagement Party – JC and MeShell have a shindig

This weekend we had a little celebration with a few friends and family. JC’s mom threw us an engagement party, and my mom came to visit us from Edmonton for the first time. Putting together the guest list for the party helped me realize just how many people I consider close friends.

Obviously, JC and I like food. Especially good food. I feel that will play a big role when we get married, but I’m getting ahead of myself. So when this party planning started, food choices were important. We didn’t want too much food, but we wanted people to have enough to snack on while they were spending time with us, drinking wine, and celebrating our good decisions.


JC’s mom organized the whole thing, from the food to the decorations, and when my mom arrived, she turned our messy house into something worth inviting people to visit. Okay, so it might not be *that* messy, but it’s messier than I’d like. I could come up with a variety of excuses, and I have in the past – but we are legitimately busy folks (or at least – I think so), and continue to have a hard time finding an ethical and responsive cleaning service (I’m open to recommendations!). But thanks to my mom, we can still delay the professional cleaners for another undetermined period of time.


We ordered a vegan sushi plate from Joe Yee’s Vegetarian in Richmond Hill, but I was sad to see the lack of Mango Rolls. We tried them during this month’s visit and I’m still impressed when I think about them. The rolls we did receive in the platter were still delicious, and disappeared quickly (many before the real guests arrived…)

Bunners Bake Shop

JC’s mom (Let’s just call her Val) ordered a cake from Bunner’s Bake Shop, and it was very well recieved, unfortunately we’ve had cake for days after. The cake may have been too big, or we may have had too much food (or I would argue… just enough food.) When JC picked up the preordered cake, he also picked up some of my favourite treats (Gypsy cookies) and some general favourite treats (brownie cake.)


Sultan of Samosa provided the spicy bite sized treats, with pakoras and samosas (which are reportedly vegan by various sources)

The rest was all homemade. Val made a bean salad, a quinoa salad, a fruit plate (without my allergy nemisis cantaloupe), raw veggie plate, and most importantly, pickles.


Guests were well fed (I think), well beveraged, and I think everyone had a great time. My normally hidden ENTJ personality traits were out in full force, and it’s almost tempting to have more of these little parties. Our friends and family are actually pretty awesome to have around. (no surprise there)

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