Coffee on Manitoulin Island & in Tobermory

One of the biggest discoveries of the trip is how much I like really good coffee. We did not bring any of our Alternative Grounds  or Coffeecology roast coffee with us on the trip, and instead bought a tin of pre-ground coffee at Foodland. It was passable, but we’re pretty spoiled on the coffee front.

I wanted tasty interesting coffee, and luckily there was a coffee shop still open for the season in Tobermory. Before getting on the MS Chi-Cheemaun ferry to Manitoulin Island we picked up a cup of regular coffee at The Coffee Shop (20 Bay St, Tobermory) near the Little Tub harbour.

Little Tub Harbour - Tobermory

Prices were a bit above an average coffee shop in Toronto, but I imagine that’s what happens when you’re one of the only places in town offering a product.

They also have soy milk available for coffee/tea and service was really friendly (especially since we went in moments after the doors opened).

Later, once we had gotten to Manitoulin Island we went to Loco Beanz in Little Current a couple of times.

Loco Beanz Coffee

I really loved their colourful storefront, and the interior was really cozy too.


I didn’t look for any lunch options, but they did have this cookie from the Gardens Gate Restaurant, the same restaurant we had attempted to go the day before (we were way too early.)  The soy lattes were also really great (they were use Natur-a brand Soy Milk on the day I was there)


We had one of these per day on Manitoulin Island, and they were pretty tasty. If you ever find  yourself out there, pay Loco Beanz a visit. To keep the fun alive, I bought myself a Loco Beanz Cup to go.



Loco Beanz
7 Water E, Little Current, ON P0P 1K0

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