Cheesecake from Remedy Edmonton… again

It was a cold terrible day for CityChase on Saturday. I finally experienced what my friend calls “Vancouver Winter,” where there are never enough layers to protect you from the humidity, rain and sleet, and the only escape is going inside. But the event ended on a positive note, it warmed up slightly, and my fingers regained feeling, so that was nice. The lunch provided by the organizers was of course meat and cheese based, and that wasn’t much of a surprise. I had listed vegan as a dietary restriction, so I’ll just assume that is why we got so many bananas and oranges at our station. The most important thing to me, was that the participants were having fun, and it seemed like they were having a heck of a time in spite of the rain.

After I was done at my ChasePoint (which was the Mitsubishi Car-eoke one at the City Art’s Center) I went over to the Over the Top Fashion Swap at the Winspear. I didn’t go for the clothing swap, but I wandered around the vendor’s section to see what homemade goods people were selling. I’m so glad I went because one thing that caught my eye (surprise, surprise) was Kerstin’s Chocolates (10139 – 112Street, Edmonton, AB). They have several vegan dark chocolate options that I know of, such as some of the Cocophilia bars, but there might be more. They were selling a Chocolate Coconut Cup there, but she stepped away from the booth so I couldn’t find out more information. It’ll be worth taking a trip over there either way.

Yesterday J and I went to Remedy. Foursquare tells me I’ve been there ten times in the last month. I’m starting to think it might be my favourite place to go in the city. The couches upstairs (and of course vegan cheesecake) really sell it for me. There is a well placed table, and you can just sink in to the couch, read, and drink tea, coffee, beer, wine (though I’d skip the blended shiraz/cabernet if I was you.) 

After a few days of leaving disappointed and empty bellied, the cheesecake was back and delicious as always. It was really nice to finally know who was the brilliant chef behind creating these cheesecake’s. Jag Kamba, he has a blog called Flow (it’s omnivorous though), and it looks like he’s aiming to start a bistro/cafe of his own at some point. Looking at some of his ideas, especially the descriptions of one of his vegan menus/meals, I really hope he makes it happen someday soon. 

Passion fruit cheesecake from Remedy 
Vegan Cheesecake - Lychee Cranberry - From Remedy Edmonton

This time the two different varieties of cheesecake were: Lychee-Cranberry and Passionfruit. Since there were two of us, and two different cakes, the choice was obvious. One of each! I thought the addition of a sour cranberry to the lychee really toned down the sweetness, but J disagreed and commented that it was too sweet. I thought the passionfruit was flavourful but too tart, but J thought it was perfect. Which ultimately worked out perfectly, because we each happily ate our respective pieces.

After dessert it was time for the main course (so we do things backwards.) This is the Vegan Chicken Chana Wrap, it smelled delicious (that heavy heady coconut curry smell that basically guarantee’s something will satisfy,) but I didn’t have any, so I can’t say a thing. Maybe the picture will say a thousand words?

Vegan Chicken Chana Wrap Remedy

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