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Samosas for lunch

Who knew, vegan samosas right in downtown Saskatoon. I went to Asian Taste restaurant (101-3rd Ave North, Saskatoon) for lunch today (and I might be updating from work, shhh, it’s a slow day) just to give it a try. I’ve walked by it over a dozen times, and every time...

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Raw potluck saskatoon

After a weekend of planning, it was finally potluck time yesterday! It was really exciting to meet a few new people and eat some great raw vegan food. There was also a presentation on how to properly cut open a young coconut, which was quite educational, someone took a video...

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Kale Stew – First try.

I’m back in Saskatoon with a bit more permanence now, it’s kind of nice to know I’ll be in one place for more then a month. New years was spent in the magical land of Portland, with a few trips to Sweetpea Bakery, Diablo’s and Bete Lukas. Though I didn’t...

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