Raw potluck saskatoon

After a weekend of planning, it was finally potluck time yesterday! It was really exciting to meet a few new people and eat some great raw vegan food.
There was also a presentation on how to properly cut open a young coconut, which was quite educational, someone took a video of it, so if I find it, I’ll link to it. I left with some new ideas, and was converted to the way of the morning smoothie (though I still have to actually pick up a few supplies to bring that to fruition!)

Anyway, here are a few pictures, I was really happy with the way the tomatos turned out, though I didn’t try any (they disappeared quickly which of course was a good sign.)

2 Responses

  1. the tomatoes do look yummy. i was recently in Puerto Vallarta and there i discovered a restaurant called esquina de los caprichos. the owner is from Spain and they seemed to specialise in little, sinfully good tapas. they had a similar tomato dish, only they used strawberry tomatoes and didn't carve them out. just a tiny piece of goat cheese and lightly drizzled with a pesto/olive oil.

    i know the cheese removes the dish from Vegan-calibre…but i wanted to share anyhow ;P

  2. Hey there,
    I'm a vegan in Regina and I don't think I know any of our kind. I was trying to find out if Tubby Dog was vegan, since I didn't know what was in the buns. Anyway, I found your blog and I just wanted to say I'd be super stoked if you shot me an e-mail so we could talk. I'd LOVE to talk veganism with another 306-er. If you want to, hit me up at mikebrownyo@gmail.com. Word.